Test point 9

Motor of footwell / defrost valve

Signal implausible Fault code 28

Diagnosis conditions

No control module fault stored. No fault with supply voltage (5 volts).

Signal implausible

1. Check footwell / defrost valve for smooth operation.

2. Unplug connectors A, B, C and D from the heating/air-conditioning

3. Unplug connector from footwell / defrost valve drive motor.

4. Connect ohmmeter to connector C 8 and drive motor

Connect ohmmeter to connector B 10 and drive motor connector pin 2. Connect ohmmeter to connector A 12 and drive motor connector pin 3, Connect ohmmeter to connector D 11 and drive motor connector pin 4 Connect ohmmeter to connector D 3 and drive motor connector pin 5

5. Check wire from connector C 8 to drive motor pin 1 for short to B+

6. Check wire from connector B 10 to drive motor pin 2 for short to B+

7. Check wire from connector A 12 to drive motor pin 3 for short to B+

8. Check wire from connector D 11 to drive motor pin 4 for short to B+

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