Input signals

Input signals of the PCM can be read in with this menu item. This allows the function of the input signals to be assessed very quickly.

The following input signals can be read in:

Signal, terminal 86 s

Signal, terminal 15

Signal, terminal 58 d

Signal, DSP on

Signal, terminal 15 Nävi

Signal, terminal 15 Tel

Signal, TV on

Signal, hook-on/off*

CC button

CD button

FM button

AM button

Station button 1

Station button 2

Station button 3

Station button 4

Station button 5

Station button 6

Search left button

Search right button Pressure contact, left dial Main button Audio button Tel button** Navi button** BC button AC button

Pressure contact, right dial

Map button

Dark button

Repeat button

Handsel/Info button

Eject button

1-2 direction change

Telephone handset contact 'Only Navi button on USA vehicles

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