Overview of possible menus


Identification 69 - D 42

Fault memory 69 - D 42

Erase fault memory 69 - D 42

Actual values 69 - D 42

Input signals 69 - D 42

Drive links 69 - D 42

Transport lock 69 - D 43

Change coding 69 - D 43

Risk of injury if the roll-over bar is triggered!

> All persons must remain out of the operating range of the roll-over bar during diagnosis.

> Always keep the operating range of the roll-over bar free (do not leave tools there).

> Install, remove and transport the roll-over bar only when it is extended (triggered)

> Repairs to the roll-over bar and actuators are not permitted,

> The roll-over bar must be triggered during every inspection, but every two years at the latest, using the Porsche System Tester 2.

> Only connect the diagnostic module when the ignition is off.

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