Reading out and transferring remote control General

When replacing the alarm system control module, it is possible to read out remote controls from the old control module and transfer them to the new control module. In this way, the hand-held transmitters (remote controls and transponders) can be retained. In other words, it is not necessary to change the hand-held transmitter when replacing the alarm system control module.

- Communication can be set up between the PST2 and alarm system control module.

The remote controls and transponder coils are correct and functional.


When the remote control is read out and transferred, only the remote control data are read out and transferred. The transponder coil of the individual keys must be adapted to the control module. Four positions are available for this purpose in menu item Transponder key. This function is described from step 19 onward.

Work preparation:

The following information is required from the IPAS for reading out and transferring remote controls:

Key learning code

Immobilizer code


1. Connect PST2 to the data link connector, and switch on the ignition.

2. Switch on the PST2, select vehicle type 911 (996) and start the automatic control module search with the double arrow key [»].

3. After a brief search, the PST2 reports: "Fault memory reading completed".

4. Select Alarm system in the menu and press the double arrow key [»].

5. Select Learning functions from the selection list and press the double arrow key [>>].

6. Select menu item Read out remote control and press the double arrow key [>>].

7. The following message appears on the screen:

"Input key learning code".

Input the key learning code with the arrow keys [v] or M and press the double arrow key [»].

8. The following message appears on the screen: "Please confirm input".

Check the input key learning code and press the key [F7],

9. The following message appears on the screen: "Remote controls were read out".

Press the double arrow key [«] twice to change to the control module overview. Switch the ignition off, remove the old control module, install the new control module and switch the ignition on again.

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