System description

The airbag system consists of the following

Triggering unit Contact unit Driver's airbag unit Passenger's airbag unit Side airbags

Sensors for airbag (side-airbag sensors)

Plug connection, child restraint system

Belt buckle for driver

Belt buckle for passenger

Warning light

A system self-test is performed after the ignition is switched on. The warning light is switched on during the self-test. If no faults are stored in the fault memory, the warning light goes out after approx. 3 seconds.

Up to max. 10 faults can be stored. A start and stop fault clock is kept for each fault.

Self-test and permanent monitoring

Fault storage Fault display Fault output

System readiness display

The triggering unit need not be replaced until after the third time the airbag is triggered or if the fault memory can no longer be cleared.

If the triggering unit is replaced, the data record for the appropriate vehicle must be loaded with the Porsche System Tester 2 and the triggering unit must be locked. The warning light flashes before locking. The warning light goes out after locking was performed successfully (if no fault is present).

The triggering unit has the following functions: Crash recognition and triggering time

Triggering the airbag system Recording the event data

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