Teaching handheld transmitter

Up to four hand-held transmitters can be adapted to the control module. The hand-held transmitter can be used to activate the central locking and the convertible top (for 996 Cabrio, country-specific version). Another function is the immobilizer by means of the integrated

The following information is required to teach the hand-held transmitter:

Key learning code from IPAS

24 digit Code No. (see barcode label on key grip)

If the key is stolen or the hand-held transmitter is faulty, all keys still in the customer's possession will be required.


During maintenance work, please bear in mind that the transmission frequency of the hand-held transmitter is different according to the country of use. The corresponding reception frequency is printed on the alarm system control module. This reception frequency is either: 433 MHz with M-number M534

315 MHz with M-number M535 Procedure

1. Connect the vehicle keys and the new hand-held transmitter and insert in the ignition.

2. Connect PST 2 and switch on ignition.

3. Select Alarm system in the menu and press the double arrow key [»].

4. Select Learning function in the menu and press the double arrow key [»].

5. Select menu item Transponder key and press the double arrow key [»].

6. The following message appears on the screen: "Input key learning code". With the arrow keys [a] or [v], input the key learning code and press the double arrow key [»].

7. The following message appears on the screen: "Please confirm input". Check the input and press the [F7] key to confirm the input.

8. Distinguish between loss and fault and additional hand-held transmitter for the transponder.

a) Teaching an additional hand-held transmitter

With the arrow key [v] select a free position (1, 2, 3 or 4) and press the [F8] key. Now the transponder code is saved in the selected position. Note the position of the

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