Test point

operating buttons actuated for longer than 60 s Fault code 32

This fault is stored in the following case:

Switch for memory seat adjustment (1, 2, or 3), or switch for seat adjustment (e.g. Fore-and-aft adjustment forward) is continuously


Erase fault memory and read out again. If the fault appears again, proceed as described below: Select menu item Input signals. The following button positions can be read out in the menu item Input

Button M Button 1 Button 2 Button 3

Fore-and-aft adjustment forward

Fore-and-aft adjustment backward

Backrest forward

Backrest backward

Front height upward

Front height downward

Rear height upward

Rear height downward

Backrest forward

Backrest backward


Button up Button down Button backward Button forward

Select a maximum of 8 button positions.

Search for the key on the screen that is continuously actuated. A comparison table can be found on Page 72 - D 38.

If a key is detected as faulty, replace the switch for memory seat adjustment or the switch for seat adjustment as appropriate.

Seat memory diagnosis

911 Carrera (996)

Fault, Fault code

Possible causes, elimination, notes

72 98 Diagnosis/troubleshooting, seat memory (System S 01)

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