Test point 3

Terminal 15

Engine off

All loads switched off PST2 display Note:

greater than 10 V

Communication with the control module is not possible without

Test point 4

Terminal 58

Engine off Parking light off PST2 display 0

Engine off Parking light on PST2 display

If 0 is displayed with the parking light on:

1. Check fuse A5

2. Pull plug off the control module

Switch parking light on

Measure voltage between terminal 10 and ground

Voltmeter display greater than 10 V

If the signal (terminal 58) is present at the control module, replace the control module. Check the wire if the signal (terminal 58) is not present


The headlights are not raised when high beam is activated if there is an open circuit at terminal 58 or if the control module is faulty.

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