Test point

Release on passenger's side

Fault code 43

1. Check the country coding in the menu item Coding

2. Select (Drive links) "Secure doors" with PST 2, and check whether the

If the drive motors react, select "Driver's side secured" and "Passenger's side secured" in the menu item Input signals, and close

Vehicle not secured

PST2 display Driver's side not secured

Passenger's side not secured

If the display of the PST2 deviates from this information or if the drive motor does not react, a fault is present in the supply lead or in the

Pull plugs I and II off the control module Pull plug off door lock on passenger's side

Voltmeter at alarm system control module plug II pin 3 and ground

This fault is stored if the safe drive motor cannot be actuated, the safe contact (microswitch) is not connected to ground after release, or the alarm system control module is coded incorrectly (country coding).

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