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911 Carrera (996)

HBA diagnosis

Fault, Fault code

Possible causes, elimination, notes

Fault code 4

Axle position sensor, rear (angle sensor for HBA)

1. Short circuit to voltage/ground or open circuit in the supply leads between the control module and angle

2. The sensor linkage is disengaged or faulty

3. Angle sensor for HBA is faulty

4. The control module is faulty

- Visually inspect the sensor linkage and check the plastic holder of Switch off ignition

Pull plug off the angle sensor for HBA, rear Switch ignition on

Measure voltage between terminal 5 of the sensor plug and ground Measure voltage between terminal 5 and terminal 1 of the sensor

Voltmeter display approx. 5 V

In the PST2 menu item Actual values, select Sensor voltage, spring travel 2 (rear)

Connect a jumper to terminals 4 and 5 of the sensor plug PST2 display approx. 5 V

If no fault is detected in the wires, replace the angle sensor for HBA.

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