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80 Heating diagnosis 911 Carre

Fault, Fault code

Possible causes, elimination, notes

Test point 3

Interior temperature sensor

Open circuit Short to ground Fault code 22

Diagnosis conditions

No control module fault stored. No fault with supply voltage (5 volts). Outside temperature higher than - 40 °C.

Open circuit

1. Unplug connector A from the heating/air-conditioning control.

2. Connect ohmmeter to connectors A 10 and A 12.


The wires to the interior temperature sensor are routed via two additional plug connections on the heating/air-conditioning control.

3. Unplug connector from the interior temperature sensor.

4. Connect ohmmeter to connector A 10 and interior sensor

5. Connect ohmmeter to connector A 12 and interior sensor

6. Connect voltmeter to connector A 10 and ground.

If approx. 5 volts are displayed, check wiring harness for pinching

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