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There is no shortage of intellectual exchange taking place at the Porsche design studios in Weissach, Germany. Every alternation proposed must be rationalized, held up to the ideal that form must follow function.

Since the time of its inauguration, a litany of significant enhancements has been made to the Boxster's celebrated form—each of them at once faithful to its heritage, firmly rooted in functionality and unlike anything else on the road.

Perhaps nothing exemplifies this edict more than a quick study of the Boxster's aerodynamics. At Porsche, it's not simply a matter of styling shapes that shear the least-resistant path through air. Wind is an important ally in our incessant effort to elevate performance. As well as an essential element of the Boxster's character.

Every line, every curve and every carefully chiseled detail play a vital role in shaping, shifting and refining the flow of air.

Charge into the wind, and the Boxster's prominent front air ducts pass generous amounts of cool air to the engine's radiators. Then, directional spoilers channel it to the next assignment: brake cooling.

Large intakes on the rear quarter panels feed even more cooling air to the flat-six engine. The air that flows over the car arcs down the sloping rear deck, applying down-force to a rear spoiler that extends at speeds above 75 mph for crisp handling and high-speed stability.

Less visible, but no less important, is a smooth underbody design that keeps air gliding beneath the car, creating a "ground effects" stream that reduces lift and drag while simultaneously venting stagnant air around the gearbox.

So where does this synergy of new thinking and original Porsche essence lead? To improved braking and steering. Unflinching straight-line performance. A low 0.29 drag coefficient (Boxster) and a top track speed of 167 mph

(Boxster S). All of which proves that, when engineered properly, form not only follows function, but intensifies it as well.

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