Exhaust gases and emissions control

Our Weissach Development Center has spent several decades striving to ensure every Porsche is as environmentally friendly as it is exciting. On both Boxster models, a combination of four-valve cylinder heads and VarioCam variable-valve timing minimizes emissions at the source. A sophisticated exhaust system anchored by four catalytic converters scrubs harmful gases even further.

To maximize efficiency, the engine's powerful combustion is controlled by the latest Motronic ME 7.8 engine management system. Each bank of cylinders features a dedicated Lambda circuit for a more accurate adjustment of the air/fuel mix.

A second pair of Lambda sensors, one for each exhaust, then monitors the performance of the catalytic converters. As well as improving the car's fuel consumption, each of these systems ensures full compliance with the stringent TIER 2 exhaust emissions standards of the United States EPA.

Porsche Classic Models

Porsche Classic Models

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