Materials and recycling

All structural elements, switches and trim material in the Boxster are made from fully recyclable materials. Better still, it's likely your Boxster may never need recycling at all. After all, more than 60% of all Porsches ever produced since 1948 are still on the road today. This remarkable record of durability is fundamental to our environmental approach.

Like every Porsche, both Boxster models are entirely free of CFCs and components manufactured using these chemicals. Instead, a range of highly resilient yet lightweight plastics and metals is used extensively in the Boxster's construction, with priority given to sustainable materials. The most important of these are galvanized sheet metal, recyclable synthetics and aluminum.

Approximately 85% of all Boxster components can be recycled using today's technology. To simplify recycling, all plastic components are clearly labeled in accordance with the relevant standards. Water-based paints are used to minimize solvent pollution during the manufacturing process.

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