One singular sensation

The design concept that was shown at Detroit was a direct expression of the original mid-engine Porsche roadster, the legendary 550 Spyder. In the mid-1950s, the Porsche 550 practically rewrote the rules of high performance, becoming one of the most successful racing cars of its time.

It didn't have the biggest engine, nor was it the most costly sports car of its era. What it had was innovation, pure and simple. The idea of locating a compact, free-

rewing engine midship gave the Porsche a nimbleness no sports car had ever possessed. The Spyder didn't have to outmuscle its competitors. It could outbrake, outmaneuver and outsmart them.

The Boxster shares this boldly intelligent approach to sports car design. Within an open-top, two-seater layout sits a mid-mounted, flat-six boxer engine, its low center of gravity helping to instill driving confidence through the corners.

Acceleration out of corners is equally empowering. Whether you're driving the 2.7-liter Boxster with its 240-hp engine or the 3.2-liter Boxster S with its 280-hp version, power is readily accessible. Just squeeze the throttle.

A Porsche technology called VarioCam and a revised intake manifold are the keys: Peak torque of 199 Ib.-ft. (Boxster) and 236 Ib.-ft. (Boxster S) is on tap from 4700 to 6000 rpm, giving you ample reserves of power.

The power it lends both Boxster models is not lost in the execution. Thanks to a rigid chassis, every idea that Porsche engineers have conceived for the Boxster concept, from its sports suspension and axle kinematics to its wide track and streamlined aerodynamics, connects you more closely to the road disappearing beneath you.

Porsche engineers have also given the Boxster a steering system whose gear assembly and variable-steering ratio combine to achieve a level of precision and feedback deserving of their own adjectives. Motor Trend put it this way: "Based on a several-hundred mile drive through the Italian hills and countryside, the Boxster S's handling feels about as faultless as faultless gets. And then there are those brakes. Boxster brakes have always been right fine. But these are right unbelievable."

After a decade's worth of carefully studied refinements, the modern-day interpretation of the Boxster 5

concept reflects an unbroken line of individualistic, race-bred sports cars that inspire fervor and passion among those who possess them. And those who dream of doing so.

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