Porsche Active Suspension Management Sharp and smooth

Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) electronically controls the performance of the shock absorbers. By continuously adjusting the damping force in each shock, PASM balances the conflicting agendas of ride and handling. Regardless of road surface or driving style, PASM preserves the Boxster's natural agility while enhancing its ride comfort. With PASM, sharp and smooth are no longer mutually exclusive features.

Available as an option on both Boxster models, PASM is also part of the optional Sport Package, along with a high-performance, six-speed manual gearbox (2.7-liter Boxster only). Equipped with PASM, the car rides 10mm lower than with the standard suspension.

PASM has two setup modes: "Normal" and "Sport." While the former offers a blend of performance and comfort, the Sport setup ratings are generally much firmer. In either mode, PASM reacts to changes in the road and driving style by applying a variable, map-based damping force on each individual wheel.

During acceleration, braking and cornering maneuvers, a series of sensors monitors the body. A dedicated control unit provides real-time analysis and damping force adjustment as defined for the respective setup mode (Normal or Sport). You can feel the results: greater stability on poor road surfaces as well as more consistent occupant comfort.

If Sport mode is selected, the suspension is set to a harder damping force. If the quality of road surface drops below a certain threshold, PASM changes to a softer rating within the Sport setup band to help preserve the car's grip and traction. When the road surface improves, PASM returns to the original, stiffer rating.

The system remains active in Normal mode, too, automatically switching to a harder force if the car is driven more assertively. As the shock absorbers become stiffer, the Boxster becomes more stable, matching more aggressive driver inputs with a firm and authoritative response.

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