Porsche Sound Package Plus

Want more power, more speakers and more storage for your music CDs? No problem. Porsche Sound Package Plus offers a series of seven loudspeakers, powered by additional amplifiers.

Available as on option on both Boxster models, Porsche Sound Package Plus combines a 2 x 25-watt amplifier unit with an external analog system for the low- and midrange speakers (2 x 70 and 40 watts, respectively). The seven loudspeakers adapt the system's prodigious output to the interior's unique acoustics.

Volume and tone are controlled using the sound menu options in the CDR-24 CD radio or optional PCM system. A loudness function enhances the bass and treble frequencies at lower volume levels, while a speed-dependent volume control compensates for road noise to ensure a robust and rewarding listening experience.

For added convenience, this package also includes a CD storage tray designed to fit inside the glove compartment.

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    What is the Sound Package Plus in the Porshe?
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