Sport Chrono Package

Active electronic driver aids profoundly enhance the everyday driving stability of a Porsche. With the Sport Chrono Package option, you have the ability to reprogram the Boxster's electronic controls to suit your style of driving.

When Sport mode is selected (using a button on the center console), the engine management system modifies the throttle map, and engine variables are adapted to create a more aggressive level of power response.

Likewise, suspension variables are skewed to meet the demands of more assertive driving. Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) switches to Sport mode, altering its baseline damping force for considerably firmer shock response, enabling faster turn-in as well as better road-holding and traction.

The threshold for engagement of Porsche Stability Management (PSM) is also raised. The Boxster becomes less susceptible to wheelspin when accelerating from a standing start. It's more agile when braking for a corner, with greater scope for oversteer on turn-in and exit—especially in lower-speed cornering sequences.

For maximum maneuverability, the Sport Chrono Package can even disable the majority of Porsche Stability Management functions. In this "standby" mode, PSM continues to monitor the forces acting on the car, but will only intervene in extreme situations (when ABS assistance is required on both front brakes, for instance).

You can monitor the results of the car's increased performance: The

Sport Chrono Package includes a swivel-mounted timer in the center of the Boxster's dashboard, with a digital field that displays time to the hundredths of a second.

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