Steering wheel

A Porsche steering wheel is where an intimate dialogue between car and driver takes place. The feel and functionality of the wheel are a matter of personal preference, a fact recognized in the Boxster. Three distinct steering wheels are offered, all based on a three-spoke design that houses a full-size airbag—and is adjustable for both height and reach. On cars equipped with the optional twin Tiptronic S transmission, the wheel places gear-change shifters at your fingertips as well.

As an option on the steering wheel rim and airbag module, you can order Smooth-Finish leather. Or you can specify the optional three-spoke Sports or Multifunction steering wheels. The latter of the 69

two has a set of six keys, offering direct access to audio, navigation and—if fitted with PCM—telephone functions.

Fill it with your personal sense of style.

Porsche Classic Models

Porsche Classic Models

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