The Porsche Bose Surround Sound System

Both the Boxster and the Boxster S can be equipped with the ultimate audio experience—an optional Bose® Surround Sound System developed jointly by Porsche and Bose engineers.

A system of 11 loudspeakers— including an active subwoofer with an additional 100 watts of power—provides a panoramic soundstage for both seat positions. Driver and passenger enjoy balanced stereo with lifelike sound reproduction.

With Bose Surround Sound, you'll hear music as you've never heard it before. Bass notes are deeper and more resonant. Midrange tones are full and rich. The highs are crisp and bright. It's truly as if you were sitting front and center at a live concert performance.

The Bose System's electronics include a seven-channel MOST-based digital amplifier, featuring 5 x 25-watt linear amps and a single 100-watt switching unit.

AudioPilot® noise compensation technology monitors road speed and ambient noise in the cockpit, making automatic adjustments on the fly to maintain a clearer and more consistent sound with no need for manual adjustment.

Active equalization matches all sound output to the unique acoustics of the Boxster interior. The realistic sound extends across the entire frequency spectrum and can be enjoyed equally by both driver and passenger. The Bose System's dynamic loudness technology actively compensates for the reduced sensitivity of the human ear at lower frequencies by enhancing low-volume sounds that go unnoticed with other systems.

At the front and rear of the Boxster interior, the Bose Surround Sound System uses independent channels to generate a push-button panorama of space and sound. The extraordinary sense of depth is created by patented Bose Signal Processing 78

(BSP). Centerpoint® technology can even split stereo recordings into five separate channels.

8.0-cm mldrange speaker Active subwoofer enclosure with 13.0-cm low-range speaker

20.0-cm Nd'a low-range speaker and 6.4-cm hlgh-/mldrange speaker

European PCM unit represented.

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