Cumulative av costsK mile

□ Hartech O FTivate

Age from 22 to 9 years old

We also compared many other parameters, like the annual mileage covered etc to see if that would influence costs greatly and needed to be accounted for within the scheme.

The results mirrored the previous trend, namely that a Hartech car showed little difference in running costs/1000 miles as the annual mileage increased from 3,000 to 24,000 miles/year, while the non-Hartech cars were always more expensive to run.

These graphs and statistics gave us the confidence to price our scheme for Hartech cars on a price/K miles basis, to disregard the age of the car and the overall mileage it already has covered (or it will cover).

For non-Hartech cars we had to include a slight adjustment for the above differences as age and mileage's increased.

The following graph 4 is on the same basis as graph 2 (after taking out the initial service and repair cost element from the non-Hartech car). The scale is also different but it still indicates that the public overall - are not as good at selecting a good car as we are (even though they may cost less initially).

Graph 4

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