Customer Commendations

Perhaps the last words should be left to our customers. As two customer wrote

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in repairing my Porsche. Throughout its time with you and the numerous problems encountered I found you to be professional and thorough. I will certainly recommend you to others and thank you once again" M C (Bolton).

"Thanks for the recent work, the car feels completely different, driving is now a pleasure. Having had to turn the radio up to drown the rumbling engine it's good to turn it off to listen to the smooth running" A C (Handforth).

The unusually high quality of even old examples coupled with the excellent performance, stunning looks and high sales values still find favour long after most other cars would be worn out, worthless or scrapped.

This however will only be achieved by a very high quality of preventative maintenance and the continual upgrading of a comprehensive records system supplied by an organisation recognising this need and responding to it, at affordable prices, that handles so many similar cars that their expertise is unmatched.

Hartech Automotive - as a business - has been set up, designed and continually developed to fulfil this need exactly, responding to needs and the feed back from customers. Its success is a measure of this effort and the professional competence behind it.

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