Example of calliper plate lift

Clutches. If the gear change is sometimes difficult to engage, or there is a vibration, which is constant throughout the rev change, then on the 924, or 944 turbo, this probably means that the cush drive springs in the clutch are broken. Similarly with standard 924S, 944, S2 and 924 turbo (some Mark 2's), if there is a clunk heard when changing gear or when pushing the accelerator on and off repeatedly, then the cush drive is probably broken or damaged. The 968 incorporated a less expensive clutch plate without an integral damper that was quicker to fit. Damping was then achieved by a dual mass flywheel -which is expensive - and sometimes still needs replacement. 911 clutches do not have such a long life and are quite expensive, requiring the removal the whole engine/gearbox assembly to fit.

Suspension. The rear suspension on all pre 1993 models seems remarkably good even after high mileages and on old cars, however the front suspension can suffer from damage and leakage to the dampers on the older models, but they are not expensive to repair.

The wishbone ball joint on the more modern curved dash 944 & 968 cars, can also wear necessitating an expensive repair although we have more than halved this cost with our own successful replacement units fitted with new ball joints. These demonstrate the benefit of the size and quality of the Hartech operation that analysed the problem thoroughly and invested a different solution to any present alternatives on the market. Forced to look into the problem by the very inferior reconditioned wishbones that were on the market several years ago in which an attempt was made to re-machine the ball joint housings, Hartech decided that they needed greater accuracy and bought in brand new mass produced "Porsche" ball joints & fitted them into the wishbones - providing an arguably better solution than the original design.

With records for every wishbone, Hartech have now supplied both the trade and private individuals with over 600 units without a single complaint or return. In this time we have also received worn out examples of other suppliers reconditioned wishbones to repair again -proving the value of a properly engineered solution.

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