Fuel Levels

There is an increasing incidence of customers bringing their cars in for service or repairs but leaving about half a gallon of petrol (or less) in the car showing the reserve light on. We then do not know how low it is or if it will run out or not.

This creates an unnecessary problem for us. We do not use the cars for any purpose other than service and repair work and testing but often a car will need to be run in the workshop, warmed up and allowed to cool again.

We also loose some petrol when we change a petrol filter or replace corroded fuel lines. Then at the end of the work we also need to road test the vehicle - often 2 or three times while adjusting mixtures or steering settings and we may conduct a dynamometer test of power characteristics.

We may well cover 20 or 30 miles during this testing and so we then need to fill it up with a couple of gallons. Although hardly any competitors are so thorough - we feel that we cannot be sure about the work we have done if we have not road tested the car (and we do not charge for the time involved in these road tests). Finding a petrol station and filling the car up takes time that we will in future charge for. So please will all customers ensure that their car has at least 2 gallons of fuel in it when it comes in for a service or repairs.

Security. The security barriers at the entrance to our industrial estate are raised to stop access by vehicles outside of normal working hours - in the evenings and at weekends. They may be difficult to see in some weather conditions - so upon driving down the private road to the factory - be on the look out for three raised posts across the road. There is also a second set further down the road.

Collection and delivery of customer Cars. In order to minimise our overheads we do not include free collection or delivery in our range of services. We do however have a vehicle transporter and will arrange collection and delivery at the very competitive rates of £20 (fixed admin fee) plus £1/mile (based on the distance one way). I.e. If you live 50 miles (or 200 miles) away the costs would be £70 (or £220) respectively + Vat.

We also will offer a discount if there is a lot of work resulting in an invoice value exceeding £500, but, as our charges are very competitive anyway and different jobs involve different margins, we can only offer these once we know the extent of a job. However typically it may be a discount of around 5%/£1000. You should check this upon enquiring about the work - at the time.

Courtesy Cars. In order to minimise our overheads we do not include courtesy cars (although we can arrange a low cost hire vehicle, both to and from our premises). It may be useful for customers to take out a recovery insurance to cover delivery of their car to our premises in the unlikely event of a breakdown (typically AA or RAC).

On-site Insurance. Whilst at our premises, customer cars are covered by our own extensive insurance. However if their car is protected by "agreed value" insurance and any loss or damage occurred, our own insurance would only cover for market value. To get round this we state on our terms and conditions that customer cars are insured at their risk while on our premises and this should enable agreed value policies to be used in the unlikely event of a claim.

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