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There are also several independent specialists that are not Porsche trained but provide an excellent service. In many cases the type of training or even self-learning that they undertook, actually benefits their approach towards running and developing a business facing new problems and models continuously - without factory support. Similarly their very independence often results in more willingness to find non-Porsche solutions to common problems that are often more cost effective at the lower end of the market. Unfortunately there are also a lot of very poor quality provisions as well, over which no control is currently exercised to investigate quality or to protect the public. This makes it very difficult for the public to decide which provision to use.

We feel that some controls would benefit the public. It seems to us that IF it is a fact of life that some good independent organisations have a legitimate role to play in the Porsche market, then providing some guidance (or even control) by perhaps a star rating (for example) would at least add clarity to a grey area.

It could (for example) be used to assess facilities, training, competence, liability insurance, customer satisfaction surveys etc. So far the public are left to choose between often flashy advertising and more modest but good quality organisations. The lack of any controls creates huge difficulties because those with comparatively low customer loyalty need bigger advertising budgets to sustain the business - appearing a good choice to the uninitiated using magazines or the Internet to select their source. If they are mainly interested in sales then a high advertising budget will attract business and as they have little or no interest in long term back up support, their business is sustainable even when buyers realise later that they have made a poor choice. In contrast - those who are very busy through high repeat business have to limit advertising to avoid over-trading and may appear less attractive to new prospective customers - by comparison. These valid points re-emphasises how difficult it is for someone new to the Porsche experience to select a suitable service provider.

Our best advice is not to necessarily be put off if an organisation is not full of ex-Porsche trained technicians. Since most independent organisations cater for older cars (with lower overhead rates etc) - the skills necessary to maintain these cars often require a broader automotive engineering background, a wider range of skills and a completely different training and management style. For example, all our staff are trained as automotive engineers in their approach (to be able to analyse the consequences of corrosion, wear rates, oil leaks and particularly age related design faults etc). They need to address every car as a challenge to achieve the optimum quality outcome at the minimal cost and they operate with no target or bonus times by having a low enough overhead recovery rate to allow the staff to concentrate 100% upon the customer's car and the quality of the job they do as the first priority.

Having tailored our business specifically to cater for the needs of Porsche cars over 5 years old (and their owners), it is not surprising that we handle more cars of this age than any local competitors. We are more used to associated problems, rebuilding engines and gearboxes, fitting good quality used parts (where appropriate) and often less expensive parts as well, like our replacement wishbones (at roughly half new price). Our small engineering workshop enables us to undertake low cost modifications to some parts, which are only viable in our type of set up and are much more suitable for this age of car. The sheer volume of cars that we see greatly assists us in detecting trends early and providing timely solutions, which smaller businesses could not possibly achieve. Modern cars also require considerable investment in computerised diagnostic systems - often essential to maintain correct running and re-programming. Probably only large (or expensive small) operations could justify the costs increasingly involved. There are a number of other similar operations around the Country, but picking the right ones to deal with is still difficult for the uninitiated.

As we have gradually moved up market to cater for newer and more expensive models, we assumed that we would reach a point where typical owners would prefer to pay the higher charges associated with more luxurious competitors. Ironically that hasn't been the case and it seems that - some at least - value the way we operate and the integrity of our operation higher than they do the more luxurious d├ęcor and environment elsewhere. It seems that - in our attempts to provide services for older cars and more impecunious owners - we may have innocently come up with a formula that equally applies to all Porsche owners - regardless of their wealth or the newness of their car. So although we were originally set up to cater for the needs of older Porsche's and their owners, we have continuously grown to handle more customers and a bigger age range of cars with more comprehensive facilities dedicated to them, in our segment of the market, than any known opposition. This has only been achieved by providing the facilities and staff, suitably trained to satisfy the particular needs of an ever growing satisfied customer base and by keeping and nurturing customers by providing the services they need at prices they can afford -hence our slogan.

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