Hartech Prepurchase Checks and Sales Preparation

We advertise for good quality Porsche's Nationally from which cars are offered from private and trade sources. After asking a lot of pertinent questions, those of interest are put through a check with hpi (to check for damage, Police interest, outstanding HP, etc) and the mileage is checked with the National Mileage Register - both against all previous registration numbers.

The good prospects are then inspected and road tested with the results being recorded on our Initial Inspection Schedule and those few very good cars that remain of interest are then carefully considered, from which a price is offered reflecting condition and the cost of renovation etc.

Those that are bought by us are often seen at our premises by prospective purchasers before we have had any opportunity to carry out any further work (recently two cars typically within hours of arrival) so many are sold having never been advertised.

We try to put each car through our next "first service schedule" before then, which covers major engine work and to check that steering, brakes etc are all safe and to highlight other minor faults and cosmetic work that has to be completed. The car is then safe to test drive and we can inform customers exactly what we expect to do to it before completion.

Sometimes - sudden changes in personal circumstances or bereavement - will result in a Hartech car that has been sold quite recently or having covered very few miles since it was sold - being bought back for re-sale.

We may offer such a car for sale at a lower price - on an "as seen trade sale basis". Because it has so recently been prepared for sale there should be nothing wrong with it. Yet if we sold it for the full price we would have to carry out all the service work again in accordance with our standard sale terms and conditions and to comply with our warranty terms.

This then provides an opportunity to buy a Hartech car at a lower price for those who may be able to look after it themselves or live so far away that they do not want to take up any warranty options.

We always have a range of different cars and prices in stock and will happily spend considerable amounts of time with customers, helping them to consider the differences and decide exactly which car suits them most within their own budgets. When a sale is made, a completion date is agreed allowing for the remaining work - typically 2 or 3 weeks.

Sometimes - because faults have by now been identified -we will consider a sale without everything on our list being completed by ourselves, at a reduced price with no guarantee or warranty. This enables some customers, who may have capabilities of their own (or with friends) to carry out some remedial work, to obtain a good car that already has had the important work and checks completed - at a lower price.

For those cars that follow the full Hartech route, they are booked into the workshops and a 2nd service schedule is followed with great attention to detail, to complete all the work identified (which is even more comprehensive than the "C" service schedule listed on page 55).

A lengthy road test is included, an MOT, a full Valet and the car is supplied with our guarantee and Lifetime Maintenance Plan (1st 3 months FOC) in place (see page 44 for details). Different wheel options including 17" replacements are available for most models.

A full report on the condition of the car and the work done is also provided and recorded in the computer system for future reference. From then on we place our top priority and all our facilities and expertise to care for that customer and car.

By providing the first 3 months Maintenance Plan free of charge, we never know who will take up the Lifetime plan and so you can be reassured that we really will prepare every car to the same exacting standards, regardless of the long term warranty implications. This is why we have so many happy, satisfied and loyal customers, many of whom have expressed their appreciation in writing. For example:

"I would like to say how impressed I am with your business both in the manner of operation, customer service and end product. In times when mediocrity is the norm this really stands out. I base my comments on an extensive knowledge of the motor trade over 20+ years and feel your formula is deserving of ongoing success. The car is an absolute gem and as you promised was presented in excellent order". G W (Leyland).

"Just a short note of thanks for your professional and courteous manner. It is very reassuring to know that there are still genuine enthusiasts within the motor trade who regard customer services the way you do. We are absolutely delighted with our purchase and look forward to many happy years of Porsche ownership and business with Hartech". K L (Ashbourne).

"I would like to express my thanks for your help and assistance in the purchase of my "Hartech" 944. Your service and guidance was second to none and much appreciated". D H (Stretford).

Hartech Servicing and repairs. Customers are requested to phone, to book in all work in advance including all the little jobs that we cannot always find time to complete if it is included too late as an after thought. This is very important as we often find some vital unexpected additional work that extends the planned job time anyway. With our forward booking system containing several weeks work for other customers, it can sometimes be very difficult to complete unexpected additional work in time.

Upon delivery of a customer car, the work required is recorded on our customer order form (for clarity), a copy of which (including our payment terms and conditions) is always included.

Although we are happy to carry out individual repairs to cars that are known to us, a car that we have never seen before presents added complications. With so many short cuts being carried out by others, both fairly new and quite old cars may have problems that need rectifying that the owner is unaware of. So (for example) a customer may ask us to replace a water pump on a car that has a dangerously corroded fuel or brake pipe, a perished hosepipe or an engine manifold leak - that could still cause the car to seize the engine, catch fire or crash. By agreeing to do the work requested without checking over the car we would not be doing our best for the customer - nor protecting our reputation. Even though we may not have been in any way responsible for the fault - we do not want a car that has recently been in our workshops to fail catastrophically or cause an accident. So in many cases - with a car that is new to us - we may well only accept it into our workshops if it is the subject of our "C" service first - so we can thoroughly inspect and check it all and then report on the priorities that we find. After that - if a customer refuses certain remedial work - at least he will have been fully informed.

So if a car is new to us, our best provision is a total care package that starts out as a "C" Service (details on page 50). Following this we provide a comprehensive plan of action enabling customers to both plan for and save for work required in the future to return the cars to tip top condition or to pass future MOT's. Additional repairs and replacements carried out during this service are then discounted (details page 54) and can even result in the service element effectively being free of charge. After the report is provided it is stored on our computer to start a comprehensive record of the car and the work needed and carried out on it.

Even with a car that we have serviced before, on some occasions, when a customer requests specific work which is insufficiently thorough to check and repair all associated parts. In these circumstances, we may still refuse on the grounds that it is against both his and our greater interests to half do a job or do it poorly.

Once a new customer is accepted with our "C" service, our ability to look after their car is greatly enhanced with many customers finding our recommendations about future MOT failures or future mechanical requirements -absolutely spot on - and others avoiding the necessity by having the work done in advance (and benefiting from the associated discounts).

Such cars - looked after by ourselves where our recommendations are followed are also of great interest for our eventual purchase and are also accepted as a priority if any unexpected failures subsequently occur.

We will not carry out any extra work without customer approval. We fully understand customer scepticism when faced with telephone advice about problems with their cars. Consequently we are not offended if they require proof of findings. Damaged parts can be retained, or we are willing to stop work for a customer inspection, or video evidence can be provided during strip down if required.

Once a car has been accepted with a "C" service the next services are usually our "A" service at 6 months (or 6000 miles) and then a "B" service at 12 months (or 12000 miles).

These services are more thorough than any opposition's that we have come across but at competitive prices - so they are great value for money. Cars can be left with us from Saturday to Saturday if required or during customer holidays and a local taxi service can connect with the bus or train network (although there is a railway station less than half a mile away).

The "A" Service is basically an oil & filter change combined with topping up all levels and giving a brief inspection to the whole car, plus a road test. In winter it includes protective spray to vulnerable parts.

The "B" Service reproduces the work listed by Porsche for a typical 12000-mile service - applied with a thorough and time-consuming interpretation - and includes all materials. It can result in a detailed report of anything else found in need of attention (not urgent) with typical costs.

The "C" Service covers additional checks to the "B" service - necessary for cars that are at Hartech for the first time - all Sales cars, and includes a comprehensive written condition report, highlighting a planned maintenance programme. This includes cylinder compression tests, removal of brake pads, strip down and removal of belts and rollers (944/968 variants) and frequently exposes problems before costs escalate. It is similar to (but more comprehensive than) a 48,000 mile service elsewhere (please refer to page 55 for further details).

During a service, any additional new parts required which, are in any case removed and refitted during the service, are fitted free, which will, for example, include brake pads, belts and rollers during a "C" service.

Whenever a fixed price system is in use but another fault is being repaired that involves repetition of work, a proportional discount will apply, as it also will if two fixed price jobs cover similar work. If (for example) a 944 lux has a category "C" service (including new timing belts, a water pump, re-sealing the front of the engine, front and rear pads and discs, an exchange reconditioned steering shaft and a steering geometry check and re-set), although the total cost is £1048, the savings achieved by combining this work with a "C" service are £252 which is more than the cost of the original service and means that the service was effectively free of charge by comparison with doing the jobs separately on different occasions.

A similar system covers engine and gearbox reconditioning, showing likely costs in advance, that is particularly important when cars are brought in as non-runners with damaged engines, that can only be assessed after stripping down. This also shows the costs of re-using good existing customer parts where appropriate and a refund price where parts that can be refurbished later, are replaced for speed, with others already refurbished. We carry a large stock of spares including new genuine Porsche parts, new high quality parts from alternative sources, reconditioned parts and used parts.

General points relating to Hartech Servicing and repairs. Despite our attempts to be as perfect as possible, it would be both arrogant and unrealistic to claim that we were capable of detecting absolutely every possible future problem that may ever occur to a car that we have prepared for sale or that we have been working on.

Consequently, there may (very rarely) be occasions when an unexpected problem or failure still occurs. If it does we always try our very best to satisfy the customer concerned and return their car to full working order as soon as possible. However, even this is not enough to satisfy some people (but never through lack of trying).

We have come to realise that in all businesses there are some customers that for one reason or another - do not get on with the business or their way of working and even if the business is one of the best there is, it simply cannot please everyone all of the time and there are also always some customers who try to take advantage of situations to save money.

Although we are always reasonable and try our best to help reasonable customers, we also defend unreasonable claims, as otherwise all our other reasonable customers (whom we feel deserve our protection) would ultimately pay for the costs of the few trying to exploit the situation unfairly.

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