Hartech Sale Cars

We are well known for seeking out the best cars Nationally - but what do we mean by "best". Well -unlike some competitors - we do not advise you to buy a mechanically sound car if it is in an unpopular colour. We only buy cars that we believe will always have popular specifications and colours - so that their re-sale value is preserved. We then check their history with hpi and the National Mileage register, service them thoroughly and check them over, rectifying faults and returning them to the best possible condition for re-sale. They are guaranteed and our Lifetime Maintenance Plan minimises rectification costs if hidden problems later emerge. Comprehensive computer records assist in future diagnosis, preserving the integrity of the car and it's history while a huge spares stock (including engines, gearboxes, interiors, new, reconditioned and used parts) represents typical customer commitment.

This care and attention results in our customers enjoying their Porsche experience for many years and many thousands of miles, finally achieving good re-sale values, while a very high proportion part exchange their original Porsche for a newer model - continuing the "Hartech" experience. We provide a good car that will give a pleasurable and affordable experience and command a high re-sale value.

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