Introduction to the Range

The Porsche 924, 928, 944, 968, 911 (including the 964, 993 & 996) and the Boxster, represents excellent value for money. Since the first 911 over thirty years ago and the 924, over twenty years ago, the basic designs have proved successful, competitive, and long lasting. As a result good cars are always in demand, with nice older examples holding their value or appreciating at present - but becoming increasingly rare. They keep their looks, style, and general appearance inside and outside, maintaining exceptional performance and superb handling even after many years and thousands of miles, while preserving an unrivalled ability to turn heads and invoke desire in a way unique to the marque.

Classic car insurance can often provide inexpensive comprehensive cover over 10 years old and this combined with modest maintenance costs enables the ownership of some of the finest sports cars in the World to reach even modest budgets.

Since 1976 (911) and 1982 (924 & 944) all chassis' used galvanised steel, providing the legendary appearance and structural integrity that enables them to outlast most other cars mechanically. When they do need parts or maintenance, the costs can then be quite high but the repairs are long lasting again. Consequently, if they are properly looked after, running costs are very reasonable taken as an overall picture. Unfortunately neglect in some areas can prove very expensive, especially for the owner at the time when the major work is required, or the next owner who bought a car - which has been sold precisely because expensive repairs are looming.

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