S2 30 litre 4 cyl 16 valve

When Porsche changed the styling of the 944S to mirror the 944 Turbo, used its brakes and increased the engine size to 3 litres (making the S2) - they transformed both the looks and performance. With similar power to the 220 bhp 944 Turbo, but no turbo lag, they provided a very torquey gutsy feeling engine that improved all round performance to turbo levels. They can be exceptionally reliable and good performers with quite different characteristics to the turbo, each suiting different drivers depending upon their driving style and needs. Good examples are always in demand. With more responsive power than a 220 bhp Turbo and slightly better torque low down than the 250 bhp Turbo, the result is a very fast engine without turbo lag and similar immediate throttle response to a 911.

944S2 Engine.

944S2 Engine.

The engines seem to have the potential to cover at least 250,000 miles while still performing like new (apart from the camshaft drive problems referred to previously on the 944S). The brakes can need moderately expensive attention quite regularly, however compared to the performance, the necessary preventative maintenance is inexpensive and the resulting product absolutely superb.

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