Standard Terms And Conditions Of Repair Service

Hartech are one of the few businesses specialising wholly in the supply and maintenance of older PORSCHE 911, 924, 944, 968, 993, 996 & Boxster cars. These can be superb, reliable cars - capable of good performance and long life - but there are dangers. e.g. many customer cars are in need of major repairs or in a very neglected state (especially where they have just been bought) resulting in new owners often inheriting a long list of problems needing urgent attention - which they may not be able to afford. Due to this and the age of most of the cars, it is not always easy to estimate the cost of repair in advance.

To help we often work to a fixed price, but this only applies where there are no extra ordinary problems found -such as damage to the associated components or other faults not directly connected to the repair but associated with the proper performance afterwards like nuts, bolts and fixtures that are rusty, seized or otherwise impossible to work with without spending extra time on the job etc.

Because we run with low overheads and a low charge out rate, we cannot afford to include the above-unexpected work within fixed price or quoted work unless stated in writing at the time that the job is accepted.

We will absorb most small problems and delays but not major work which will be charged out extra at our normal hourly rate + parts.

If the customer requests that we do no more work than estimated or quoted without their approval - we will obtain this without proceeding but this may delay completion.

Where the customer has set an absolute price limit, but we believe further work is actually required to render the vehicle successfully repaired or generally roadworthy, we then do not accept the responsibility for any subsequent faults that may occur with the vehicle, as our best advice will not have been followed.

We accept most methods of payment including cash, switch, building society cheques and bankers drafts. We also accept credit card payments but add the 3% that we are charged to the bill. We do not accept personal or business cheques.

Bankers' drafts and building society cheques must be cleared by providing information about them to us for verification during banking hours, prior to acceptance. Direct bank transfers are possible and we can check receipt of these on line.

Cars or parts will remain in the care and control of Hartech until all payments are made in full.

Where a repair has been carried out correctly - but an associated part is found faulty - Hartech will not accept liability for any subsequent problems unless the advice or recommendations given at the time have been followed, i.e. tuning or repairing engines that are basically worn out anyway, fitting new pads to worn discs, repairing old electrical parts, welding holes in exhausts etc.

Hartech try to help the owners of older cars by sometimes repairing old parts that would otherwise require more expensive replacement - but it must be understood that in doing so the further serviceable life expectancy of that part cannot be guaranteed.

We do our best to help our customers afford to keep their cars in good running order - but when - despite our best endeavours - things go wrong and customers are reasonable, we try to adopt a compromising stance and sort the problem out with as little adverse inconvenience or cost as possible.

Our policy is to provide a service for enthusiasts, modestly priced and enabling them to enjoy and afford Porsche motoring.

n.b. We always try to provide a professional and respectful service to customers and to avoid potential problems later, we always try and put agreements or instructions in writing - so there can be no misunderstandings using preprinted customer order forms with customer copies. However where telephone conversations cover authority for work, we may record such conversations to protect both parties.

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