Standard Terms And Conditions Of Sale

Hartech are one of the few (if not the only) businesses specialising wholly in the supply and maintenance of the older PORSCHE 911, 924, 944, 968, 964, 993, 996 and Boxster. These can be superb, reliable cars - capable of good performance and long life - but there are dangers. e.g. Over half the cars we see for sale - elsewhere - are being sold to avoid the cost of a major repair or in a very poor state. We buy cars in good condition or with known faults that we usually rectify before offering for sale. However, where cars are seen before rectification and the buyer offers a lower price, intending to do the work himself, we may agree a HARTECH TRADE SALE "AS SEEN" with "ALL IT'S FAULTS" - present at the time of sale or not - without guarantee or warranty (see page 52 for details).

These are not covered by any guarantee whatsoever, so the reduced price agreed is a reflection of the customers risk in buying the car at a lower price. Any faults whatsoever that occur (apart from those covered by statutory regulations), are entirely at the new owners risk and cost.

If the full price is paid, sales include a condition report (following a comprehensive check of the vehicle), that acts as a guarantee (to protect the buyer from omissions and oversights).

If the report were misleading in any way we would be liable to correct the resulting fault. However cars of this age can develop unexpected faults, which despite our best efforts to check and inspect the car, we have been unable to detect. If these develop after the date of sale they are not covered by the guarantee (unless they were the subjects of a misleading description in the report provided).

These would be typically caused by normal wear and tear, taking account of the age and mileage of the car. If this fault is in complete contrast to the condition report (where this is supplied as part of the sale), then we are responsible for the repair, but if the description in the condition report is fair, and the unexpected fault still occurs, then it is not covered (except by any warranty/maintenance plan that is applicable).

We can still repair the vehicle economically (as we operate with modest labour rates, special tools, spares availability and model familiarity) but a comprehensive Lifetime Maintenance Plan exists to protect the buyer if the above occurs (see page 44). In "grey areas" where it is not clear-cut when or why a fault occurred, and customers are reasonable, we try to adopt a compromising stance.

Very few cars develop faults anyway and when they do we always try to satisfy our customers. Our policy is to provide a car for an enthusiast, reasonably priced, in good condition - reducing the risk to potential buyers and enabling them to enjoy and afford Porsche motoring.

Due to the age of the cars, and for legal reasons mileages cannot be absolutely guaranteed. Deposits are non-returnable.

As our cars are not new, some are bound to have had some minor scratches or paint chips in their lifetime. When a car is offered for sale the buyer has plenty of opportunity to inspect and accept the paintwork etc. Since the condition of body, paintwork, window glass and interior trim is difficult to quantify in a report (often being more down to personal opinion) we feel it is necessary to exclude this from our condition report. As it can be judged by customers for themselves upon acceptance (and could be damaged after the date of sale) we exclude these from any subsequent claims after the date of sale.

Similarly because we cannot know for sure what paintwork may have been carried out on a car before we receive it or buy it, any faults that emerge later are not covered. However paintwork carried out by us prior to the sale, is covered.

We do not accept liability for cars driven in competitive situations or at speeds exceeding the legal speed limits on public roads. After the date of sale, we do not cover faults which could have resulted from any work being carried out on the car by anyone else (however well qualified) and guarantees are only valid if Hartech have looked after the car meanwhile.

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