The Hartech Trade Sale Porsche Scheme

The "Hartech TRADE SALE Porsche" scheme covers cars that may become available under four different scenarios, all-resulting in the same outcome - a lower price for a car that is less of a risk to buy than on the open market. Every Hartech sales car (in any category including this one) has been checked against records for accident damage, outstanding finance, etc and has been road tested and inspected and deemed as a sound car in reasonable condition.

We do not buy or part exchange any cars that we know to be accident damaged or in such a poor condition that they would be a bad buy for anyone. It will not however undergo our pre-sales preparation, nor be accompanied with an engineer's report, nor be eligible for the "Lifetime Maintenance Plan"; instead it will be offered at a much lower price on an "as seen trade sale basis".

This means that the buyer has to accept it with all its faults and no comebacks. This wording "with all its faults" does not mean that there are hidden faults that we know about but are not declaring - because we would always let any prospective buyer know about anything that we have discovered. Instead it is just a legal way of wording things so that it is clear that the buyer is accepting faults if any exist or emerge - as part of the sale contract (this does not affect your consumer rights for a Trade Sale contract). The car can still be booked in for a "C" service and following this can still be eligible for the "Lifetime Maintenance Plan" @ "NON-Hartech prices".

(1) The first scenario will suit customers who do not expect an absolutely perfect car and want to carry out some work themselves. Consequently they have no interest in the "Lifetime Maintenance Plan". It is suitable for older Porsche's that may have been taken in part exchange, are basically straight and sound but not worth while (or borderline and undecided) for Hartech to fully restore. This will usually cover cars that are typically over 10 years old and under £10K.

Main dealers rarely sell such old cars and many of the leading independent suppliers have moved up market. This is due to the simple fact of life that the older a car becomes, the more it costs to restore it to tip top condition. Although we have explained much of the following points in earlier sections - it is worth repeating for those who may have skipped those sections and have come straight to this one.

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