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Human resources. The founder of Hartech Computation Ltd (and its subsidiary Hartech Automotive) is a fully trained and qualified professional engineer, who spent his teenage years building and racing motorcycles and dreaming about Porsche's. Upon qualifying he started his own automotive engineering business (Barton Engineering), designing and manufacturing racing gearboxes, for all the leading British, Japanese and Italian models, and complete two, three and four cylinder engines for cars and motorcycles.

With a dynamometer test rig and a chassis manufacturing section, the business eventually built complete racing motorcycles that won numerous National and International events World-wide.

In a market where other British machinery was outdated, he designed modern multi-cylinder machines at the forefront of technology and special engines for Barry Sheene and gearboxes for Suzuki, Honda and Ducati.

To enable greater resources to be directed towards the further development of his ideas, he accepted a take-over by Armstrong Equipment plc, where he became Technical Director in charge of Engine Development and helped to develop the World's first Carbon Fibre framed racing motorcycle.

After three years (during which the machines won TT's, the British Championship - breaking every lap record -and finishing 3rd in the World Championship French GP), he accepted an even more challenging role as director of a Carbon Fibre research facility where he solved design and development problems for (amongst others) the Lotus racing team and Aerospace.

Throughout this exciting career he indulged his love of automotive engineering and the Porsche marque, by owning a 356C, 3* 911's, a 924 and his then favourite, a 924 turbo.

Transferring his focus to Management, he went on to successfully direct a variety of private and public businesses in Aerospace, Automotive and Engineering, as General manager and Managing Director but didn't enjoy the experience.

Despite the obvious success and all the trappings, he was -at heart - an automotive engineer used to solving technical problems, but not equipped to enjoy the ducking, diving, posturing, manipulation and politics of larger company management - which he hated.

He finally stunned his friends and colleagues when he decided to get out of the rat race, return to self-employment and indulge his love of Porsche's by directing all his technical and managerial experience into building a small, modest but successful Independent Porsche Specialist business. The priority was to provide the best service available and to obtain and keep the finest reputation in the market.

It is very rare for anyone with such proven ability in automotive engineering design and management to become involved in the independent Porsche market, but by combining the ability to design and manufacture similar engines and vehicles, with the experience of racing and track development, business management, training and systems development, he has been able to rapidly expand the business to become one of the most successful and respected resources in the Country.

With a down to earth (typical engineer's) approach and a genuine desire to succeed, combined with a carefully selected and highly motivated young staff (with a wide range of experience and qualifications), he has produced a successful team capable of long-term development.

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