Bf 109E. flown by Staffelkapitan max Dobislav. Ill./JG 27, Sicily, 1941. RLM 71/02 upper surfaces over RLM 65 undersides, with RLM 71 mottles Gelb 27 nose section, white rear band and rudder, which carries 14 victories

Emblem Sicily

Bf 109E-1 of JG 27. Polish Campaign, September 1939 RIM 70/71/65 finish with while '15' on engine cowling; standard national markings for the period Unit emblem on both sides of the fuselage

Bf 109E-4. flown by Kommander of l./JG 2 Helmut Wick. September 1940 RLM71/02/65 scheme with heavy stippling of RLM71 on fuselage sides; Gelb 04 cowling, wmgtips and rudder (the latter covered also in RLM71). 42 kill markings on the rudder .

Bf 109E-4. WkNr 4148. flown by Hptm. Wolfgang Lippert. II./JG 27. RLM71/02/65 scheme with very light RLM02 mottling on fuselage sides Gelb 04 nose; note victory markings on baseof fin

Bf 109E. White 12, flown by Staffelkapitan Joachim Muncheberg. commander of 7/JG 26. Sicily. February 1941 RLM 65 overall with RLM 66 mottling on fuselage; top of wings and tailplane in RLM 02/71. Cowling and rudder in RLM 04

Bf l09E-7Trop. Black 'V of 2./JG27. 1941 Top surfaces are in RLM 79 with large mottles of RLM 80. over RLM 78 undersurfaces and sides ol fuselage. Gelb 04 nose section and rudder and Weiss 21 rear fuselage band

BI109E. Slovak Air Force. 1944 RLM 74/75/76 finish with Gelb 04 fuselage band and wingtips Spinner is RLM 70 with Gelb 04 rear plate

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