Gazaa Soviet Army Truck Wwii

Scale; 1:35 Materials; IM.WS, SVT Kit No.3602 Russian trucks are cool - it's official, and Zvezda's GAZ-AA is an interesting production.The model comes on five sprues of olive drab plastic, one clear and one in flexible black vinyl for the tyres.The kits is surprisingly comprehensive, with a busy little engine and firewall, a well appointed cab interior and efficiently designed single axle chassis.There's a fine but noticable texture on the cab mouldings -great for cast turrets but a bit too much for sheet metal pressings, so some sanding might be required.The cargo deck is supplied with very nicely done wood textured panels and a convincing tarpaulin cover. The ultra skinny tyres appear to be moulded from vinyl rather than flexible plastic, so they should not attack the plastic rims, and with a slight flat spot sanded in, they will look good. VERDICT; Overall, a charismatic model with good levels of detail and masses of diorama potential.


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