Riveter is a wooden-handled pounce wheel designed for the sole purpose of replicating rivets on model aircraft"

acrylic colours.

Construction of the airframe is fairly straightforward. but care must be taken to ensure the wings mate to the fuselage correctly. I had to wedge some plastic between the wing halves to avoid a step model. Now it was time to paint.

I began with Gunze-Sangyo H67 RLM 65 Light Blue, painting the entire lower surface and the fuselage sides. Next I mixed some lighter shades of the RLM 65 and sprayed

71 Dark Green. The entire model was given a coat of Tamiya X22 Gloss Clear before applying decals. I chose to mark my model as "Red 16," flown by Oberleutnant Fritz Losigkeit. Staffelkapitän of 2./JG 26. Hasegawa provides these markings in the kit, but I've always found their O

Replacement Seat ExerciseTamiya Porsche Carrera

Although this model was intended to be an exercise in riveting the airframe, the cockpit was not neglected by the author! A resin replacement seat. Instrument panel and gunsight from Cutting Edge were fitted, sharpening up the detail considerably.

O decals to be too thick and very difficult to work with, so I decided to use Aeromaster decals instead. These were very thin and snuggled down nicely into panel lines using Microset and Microsol setting solutions. This particular aircraft carried a red pennant on the antenna mast, so I fashioned one out of lead foil from a wine bottle. Once the decals were dry, another coat of Tamiya X22 Gloss Clear was applied to prepare for the wash.

The wash was made by thinning artist oil paint with lighter fuel that contains naphtha. The colour I used was Payne's Grey from Windsor and Newton. I applied this to all the panel lines and the rivets, not worrying about being neat and tidy. The lighter fuel dries almost immediately and the excess can be wiped away with cotton swabs. The cotton swabs may be dampened slightly with lighter fuel if the wash is a bit stubborn to come off, but care must be taken not to wipe the wash out of the panel lines.

Further weathering was accomplished by first thinning Tamiya XF57 Buff 90% and lightly spraying this over the decals to tone them down a bit. Next, 1 gave the entire model a coat of Gunze-Sangyo H20 Flat Clear. A mixture of Tamiya XFl Flat Black and XF64 Red Brown was thinned 90% and used to spray the exhaust stains as well as to dirty up the landing gear doors a bit. I attached all the fiddly bits left off until this point. Finally, I simulating dirt by adding earth coloured pastel dust to the wheels and tyres. I thoroughly enjoyed this build and I think the extra work to make the rivets added a little bit of flair to my model.

I am quite happy with the results. At last - another completed Bfl09 for the display shelf! •

|\/|ODCELSP€:C . 1:48 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bfl09€-I

Materials Used:

Injection moulded grey and clear styrene, one fret of etched metal parts, two resin pieces, waterslide decals

Paints Used:

Gunze-Sangyo Aqueous Hobby Color acrylics; H20 Flat Clear, H64 RLM 71 Dark Green, H67 RLM 65 Light Blue, H70 R LM 02 Grey Tamiya Acrylics; X18 Semi Gloss Black, X22 Gloss Clear, XF1 Flat Black, XF57 Buff, XF64 Red Brown

Accessories Used:

Aeromaster decals "Attack in the West Part II" (Item No. 48-515) Cutting Edge resin Revi C/12D gunsight (Item No. CEC48158), resin Bf109E seat with moulded on harness (Item No. CEC48399), resin instrument panel (Item No. CEC48413)

True Details resin Bf109 wheels (Item No. 48003)

"Rosie the Riveter" tool by Petr Dousek, Pri trati 10, 14100 Praha 4, Czech Republic [email protected] +420 603169329

References Used:

Aero Detail 1 Messerschmitt Bf109E, published by Dai-Nippon Kaiga Co. Messerschmitt Me 109 Volume 1 From 1936 to 1942, published by Histoire a Collections, ISBN 2-913903-088 Jagdwaffe Collections Compendium Volume 1, published by Classic Publications Limited, ISBN 1-903223-11-3

4. Always ensure that you work in a welt-ventilated room when using

1982 Porsche 924 Ignition Timing

16 March 2006 TMMI 125

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