If I am totally honest, this kit builds into a great looking model of a superb subject, but I was disappointed with the fit of some of the parts, lam used to Formula 1 resin kits of better quality, but this said, with a lot of test fitting it's well worth building as the results are worth all the effort. My sincere thanks to Steve Hemming for the help with the paint and Jon Winter for the reference pictures. •

Champagne Silver Zero Paints
Materials: Resin, photo-etched metal, steel rod, vacuum-formed clear parts, waterslide decals.

Paints Used: Halfords grey primer, satin and matt black. Mr Surfacer 1200 (Mr Hobby). Zero Paints metallic blue and champagne silver. Zero paints 2k clear coat lacquer

Accessories Sakatsu antenna No 3219. Studio 27 seatbelt ST27-FR0001B, Renaissance carbon fibre decal

4 Always ensure that you work in a well-ventilated room " when using aerosols and solvents

Item No. P2405I

1966 Tz2 Targa Florio

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Lotus 1007 -Germany 1988 1:20th resin & metal kit by Studio 27

1966 Belgian Grand Prix

Citroen Xsara WRC - Germany 2007 - Duval 1:24th transkit for Heller by Renaissance

Renault Re30

Renault RE30 - Belgium 1981 1:20th resin & metal kit by Ace Models

Alfa Romeo TZ2 - Targa Florio 1966 1:24th resin & metal kit by Model Factory Hlro

In addition to over 250 ranges of models, Grand Prix Models also publish our own magazine, Four Small Wheels. Please contact us for details and free sample copies

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The Gulf Oils livery is one ol the most (amous in motorsport. The Porsche K8 uses a variation on the theme. Instead of the traditional light blue and orange stripe, metallic blue and champagne gold makes a striking variation on the design.

Porsche 930 Turbo Tamiya

¡M^mFTj' earn3 mmmo


Fieseler Storch

TMMI's Editor builds Tamiya's 100th 1:48 aircraft kit, the fabulous Fieseler Storch.

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