Gulf Porsche K8 Model

The kit comes well packed in the box with a photo of the finished model on the front. Inside there are various cast resin parts including the body, chassis, rear wing elements and wheels. There are also turned aluminium wheel outer rims, two photo-etched sheets, vacuum-formed screen and light covers, synthetic rubber tyres and a nice looking decal sheet. A nice touch is the sheet of photos of the completed model to complement the instructions. O


Zero Paints were used during the build, the paints being specially matched to the original colours used on the full-sized car.

Porsche Gulf

After a coat of primer, the body revealed a series of flaws that needed The Zoro Paints are pre-tinned for airbrush use and apply very well. Being addressing. These were duly corrected and the final primer coats applied. base coats, they dry to a matt finish and require clear coating.

Hho Dry Cell Construction
The Profil 24 Prosche KS kit comes mainly in resin with turned metal alloy and brass photo-etch also featuring in the model's construction.

After the stripes, the rest of the markings were applied, really bringing the model to life. Where the decals went over panel lines. I carefully made slits with a scalpel blade. I must add that some of the decals lifted slightly once dry, so some more decal solution was applied which did the trick.

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