L Lets Discuss The Importance Of Good Lighting Over Your Modelling Desk

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If you take your modelling seriously and want to look after your eyes too, you should consider investing in a professional quality lighting system...

It's very important to light your modelling area properly, as much as to get the best possible results from your modelling projects, as it is to avoid straining your eyes from an inadequate light source. There are many types of light available, Irom inexpensive positionable work lights from hardware stores (or Ikea), hobby lamps, or. if your budget can stretch to it. professional quality daylight corrected work lights. I have been using Actulite lights for about five years, and I could not go back to a more basic set up because the quality of light they offer is unmatched by anything I have ever used. They feature proper daylight correction to a very close tolerance, but the real clever trick is a polarising filter over the bulb, which creates a very crisp, precise light source which is noticeably sharper than standard lighting systems. My workbench is lit with a task light on a flexible mount, plus a larger overhead strip to provide overall lighting - not cheap, but extremely effective. Once you've tried Actulites, you won t want to go back! The Editor. •

For more information, go to www.actulite.com.


BRITISH 8TH ARMY INFANTRY EL ALAMEIN 1942 1:35 injection moulded figure set

I've chosen this new figure set from Dragon for my recommended product this time, not so much for the quality of the mouldings and the detail, although both of these factors are of the highest quality, but more for the subject matter. It's not that often that a mainstream model manufacturer creates an new figure set depicting a British military formation, so I think it's important that the event be highlighted.The Eight Army is perhaps the best known British unit of the Second World War. and here we are presented with four infantrymen in advancing poses, carrying weapons typical of the period - the battle of El Alamein, 1942. Dragon's sculptors have experdy captured the characteristically baggy shorts of these desert troops, the surface detail is very well rendered and the weapons are finely moulded. I love these - let's have some more Brits please! www.dragonmodels.com

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Card Models

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