Scratchbuilt Gozanti Cruiser From Star Wars

Gozanti Cruiser

Gary R.Welsh builds a'Gozanti Cruiser' from Star Wars Episode I.

The trouble with building sci-fi (apart from the woeful luck of reference material), is that unless you are prepared to scrntchbuild, many subjects remain illusive, either due to a lack of any kit in the first place, or prohibitively expensive garage and even, at times, mainstream, kits.

The Gozanti Cruiser is one of those quirky designs, one that really got to me when I first cast my eyes on it. A typical odd-number engined ship; borne from the mind of Conceptual Director Doug Chiang and realised not in miniature form, but as a digital creation by ILM's 'Rebel unit'. A Mac based team working outside of the production pipeline, who created all the minor background ships seen in Episodes I & II.


I built this model in the winter of 2005/2006 and at that time 1 only managed to find one sketch, two screen-caps (short hand for screen captured image) also one side view and an image in the hideously expensive 'Chronicles II the Prequels'

hook (there is now a five view schematic of this ship on AVookipedia'). Although this seems an appallingly small amount of information to start a project such as this (it's actually like trying to scratchbuild a 1:24 Fwl90 using a single view artist's profile and it handful grainy period photos), this is actually a pretty good haul for a sci-fi modeller and other genre builders don't realise just how lucky they are with the plethora of information available to them... anyway I digress.

After an afternoon with some paper and a calculator.

I drew up some rough working drawings of the various sub-assemblies I would have to construct, settled on a scale, ordered the EMA (see materials) 1 needed and when this arrived got straight to the bench.

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