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Porsche Classic Models

Porsche Classic Models

The History of Porsche Cars through its generational changes. A must have ebook for any Porsche fanatic, this ebook is a reference book for Porsche enthusiasts. Discover all there is to know about the greatest Porsches ever made. All models are fully described and illustrated providing a definitive production history plus an accurate guide to original specs and equipment.

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Porsche 911 Buyers Guides

This Porsche 911 Buyers Guide is full of easy to follow information, with practical, concise, current and comprehensive advice and no padding. Over 40 pages plus detailed pictures showing you exactly what to look for, where to look, the common faults, what to test, how to test it and the questions to ask. The 911 Secrets Buyers Guide will explain the many things buyers should check, but often dont, the common faults, the tests, checks and the right questions to ask essential information you need when you go to buy a used Porsche . Whatever your level of experience my buyers guides will help you find the right Porsche, in the right condition. Easy to follow information with practical, concise, current and comprehensive advice and no padding. Over 35 pages plus detailed pictures showing you exactly what to look for, where to look, the common faults, what to test, how to test it and what questions to ask. Why learn the hard way? You will learn; The key questions to ask the seller and the correct answers. The common faults for that model. Where and what to check and test. How to be confident that the car you are buying is genuine. Where to look for hidden accident damage or repairs. How to spot forged/falsified documents. How to make a worthwhile test drive. How you can make a detailed inspection. Guarantees/Warranties? what they really offer. How you can get a better deal. Negotiate from a stronger position.

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Author: Adrian Crawford

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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable ebook so that purchasers of Porsche 911 Buyers Guides can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

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The new sports car from Porsche

928 Porsche Ignition System Diagram

The 4,5 liter, all light alloy V-eight engine develops 230 HP, It is front-mounted and connected to the rear-mounted transmission drive unit with a transaxle tube. This system is also used on the Porsche 924 and results in a 50 50 weight distribution with excellent traction for the rear drive wheels. The smooth-running, high torque engine provides OUTSTANDING performance from 0 to 100 km b (62.1 mph) in 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 230 km h (143 mph . The Porsche 928 is equipped with a water-cooled, 8-cylinder 90 V-engine with a displacement of 4.5 liters, continuous fuel injection, breakerless transistor ignition, hydraulic valve lifters and wet sump lubrication.

Porsche 928 Significant Contribution

As of MY '84, the Porsche 928 S is optionally available with anti-lock system (ABS) (option M593). As of model year 1986, the 928 S is fitted with ABS as standard equipment worldwide Starting with MY '90, the 928 is fitted with a PSD (electronically controlled Porsche limited slip differential). For details, refer to page 45 - 08.

Porsche Active Suspension Management Sharp and smooth

Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) electronically controls the performance of the shock absorbers. By continuously adjusting the damping force in each shock, PASM balances the conflicting agendas of ride and handling. Regardless of road surface or driving style, PASM preserves the Boxster's natural agility while enhancing its ride comfort. With PASM, sharp and

Porsche special tools

Some of the repairs covered in this manual call for the use of Porsche special tools. Many of the special tools are simply the best thing to use to do the job correctly. In these cases, the tool is identified with a part number and an ordering number, where available. Most of the Porsche special tools can be purchased through an authorized Porsche dealer. As an alternative, some special tools mentioned may be purchased from the following tool manufacturers and or distributors

Genuine Porsche parts

Genuine Porsche replacement parts from an authorized Porsche dealer are designed and manufactured to the same high standards as the original parts. They will be the correct material, manufactured to the same specifications, and guaranteed to fit and work as intended by the engineers who designed the car. Some genuine Porsche parts have a limited warranty. Porsche is constantly updating and improving their cars, often making improvements during a given model year. Porsche may recommend a newer, improved part as a replacement, and your authorized dealer's parts department will know about it and provide it. The Porsche parts organization is best equipped to deal with any Porsche parts needs.

Reno Nevada Porsche Repair

1985 Porsche 928S Model Replacement of Engine Carrier Dear Porsche Owner Porsche AG has determined that a safety related defect may exist with the engine carriers installed on some 1985 Porsche 928S vehicles. Our records indicate that you are the owner of a vehicle which is equipped with one of these engine carriers. Due to a welding problem by the supplier of the engine carrier, the support bracket eyes could separate from the carrier. If this occurs, there would be no impairment of the steering mechanism or roadability of the car. However, this condition could weaken the engine carrier and, with higher mileage accumulation the engine carrier could break without warning resulting in a steering blockage. You should arrange for an appointment with your Porsche dealer, as soon as possible, to have the engine carrier in your vehicle replaced. Porsche Cars North America 200 South Virginia Street Reno, Nevada 89501 This is to notify you of a pre-delivery recall campaign involving 1987...

Porsche Sound Package Plus

Want more power, more speakers and more storage for your music CDs No problem. Porsche Sound Package Plus offers a series of Available as on option on both Boxster models, Porsche Sound Package Plus combines a 2 x 25-watt amplifier unit with an external analog system for the low- and midrange speakers (2 x 70 and 40 watts, respectively). The seven loudspeakers adapt the system's prodigious output to the interior's unique acoustics.

The differences between a Porsche and other sports cars

If you are thinking of buying a Porsche over 3 to 5 years old, or arranging a service or repairs, then you are probably concerned to make sure that the source that you choose from will be fair and trustworthy and provide reliable and affordable services (in an industry with a very poor reputation). We understand your anxiety and have prepared this guide to help you make an informed choice. It is very important to understand that a used Porsche is quite different to any similar Sports car and this fact contributes greatly to the widespread corruption and disappointment that is commonplace. Understanding these differences and the market is your best protection and this guide is designed to help you. (1) A Porsche is designed as a Sports Car and not by a mass producer who uses standard parts - tuned up - or small manufacturers who have to buy in standard equipment, that was originally mass-produced for cost reasons. The quality of Porsche's engineering and the resulting performance...

Porsche 911 Sc History

Porsche 964 Restoration

When 928 and 924 had been launched, Porsche's director Dr. Fuhrmann planned to reduce the production scale of 911. As a result, all 911s were replaced by a single model, 911SC, whose 3-litre engine was detuned to 180 hp probably intended to prevent it from having a higher top speed than the 928 (which was supposed to be the successor of 911). Although raised to 188 hp in '80 and 204 hp in '81, it was still relatively unremarkable. That was the darkest period in 911's 34 years history. Fuhrmann obviously intended to sacriface 911 to rescue his less-popular, overweight and expensive 928. Luckily, Ferry Porsche was still in favour of his brainchild so that he replaced Fuhrmann with American Peter Schutz. Since then the 911 resumed proper development. Spec This could be the most beautiful 911 to somebody -incorporated a 935-style slant nose with pop-up headlamps. Prepared by Porsche's Special Requirement Department for those asked for more power than the regular 911 turbo, the SE had 330...

Porsche Workshop Manual 9 11 From Model 1 97 2 On

This publication contains the essential removal, installation and adjustment procedures for the Porsche 911 vehicles sold in the USA and Canada. Components and procedures described in this manual are identical for all types unless differences are pointed out in the text. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with basic automotive repair procedures. Special tools required in performing certain service operations are identified in the manual and recommended for use. Use of tools or procedures other than those recommended in this repair manual may be detrimental to the vehicle's safe operation as well as the safety of the person servicing the vehicle.

Vehicles without Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake PCCB

Even though the brake discs consist of alloyed grey cast iron, they will unavoidably start to corrode if your car is parked for an extended period. The brakes will tend to rub as a result. The nature, extent and effects of corrosion depend on the amount of time the vehicle was parked, whether granular or liquid road salt was spread and whether grease-dissolving agents were used in car washes. If the braking comfort is noticeably impaired, we recommend having the brake system checked by experts at an authorized Porsche dealer. Your Porsche is equipped with a power assisted hydraulic dual circuit brake system with disc brakes at the front and rear. Both circuits function independently. One brake circuit operates the front and the other operates the rear.

The Hartech Trade Sale Porsche Scheme

The Hartech TRADE SALE Porsche scheme covers cars that may become available under four different scenarios, all-resulting in the same outcome - a lower price for a car that is less of a risk to buy than on the open market. Every Hartech sales car (in any category including this one) has been checked against records for accident damage, outstanding finance, etc and has been road tested and inspected and deemed as a sound car in reasonable condition. (1) The first scenario will suit customers who do not expect an absolutely perfect car and want to carry out some work themselves. Consequently they have no interest in the Lifetime Maintenance Plan . It is suitable for older Porsche's that may have been taken in part exchange, are basically straight and sound but not worth while (or borderline and undecided) for Hartech to fully restore. This will usually cover cars that are typically over 10 years old and under 10K.

Ak01 Heat Shield Recall Porsche

Ford Racing Ads

Recall Campaign 1985 86 Model Porsche 928S 1987 Model Porsche 928 S4 Dear Porsche Owner Porsche AG has determined that a defect exists with the heat shield above the catalytic converter on 1985-1987 928 models. The heat shield is inadequate under certain circumstances involving engine malfunction. The problem arises where, due to, among other reasons, improper maintenance or repair, such as improperly secured ignition wires, the engine misfires resulting in overheating of the catalytic converter. If this condition is not detected, materials in the vicinity of the catalytic converter including the lines for the automatic transmission fluid on vehicles so equipped could ignite and cause an underbody fire due to the insufficiency of the heat shield. Therefore, you should arrange for an appointment with your Porsche dealer, as soon as possible, to have the original heat shield replaced with the larger improved heat shield. On vehicles equipped with automatic transmission, a mounting...

Porsche Club of America

Join other Porsche enthusiasts for PCA sponsored rallies, autocrosses, tours, driver education, restoration and technical sessions. See pca.org for details. Porsche Approved Porsche Approved Porsche Approved is the Certified pre-owned vehicle program. All Certified pre-owned vehicles must pass a rigorous 100+ point inspection before becoming eligible for the Porsche Approved Limited Warranty including 24-hour roadside assistance. Contact your dealer for details.

Hartech Porsche in SPAIN

Several British customers have been taking advantage of the thorough preparation at Hartech to prepare a LHD Porsche to take to Spain for use in retirement. Although Hartech do not usually sell imported LHD Porsches (due to the difficulty in verifying history) there are many LHD cars that were brought new in the UK for which history is fully traceable and some imported cars that are clearly are not hiding a problem. Hartech are presently considering preparing good examples of these for overseas use and are also investigating the possibility of arranging collections to bring them back to the UK for bi-annual service and even setting up a small but permanent Spanish operation -to handle minor problems over there. This may also include a holiday hire operation of LHD Porsche's. These developments are presently in their infancy but are being actively pursued and the outcome will be reported in the future - meanwhile - watch this space.

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake PCCB

The values communicated by Porsche are based on normal operation adapted to traffic. Wear increases considerably when the vehicle is driven on race tracks or through an aggressive driving style. f Please consult an authorized Porsche dealer about the current guidelines in effect before such use of your vehicle.

Porsche European Delivery

Imagine touring the factory in Zuffenhausen where your Porsche is meticulously crafted, then being presented with your keys and an even more gratifying opportunity the chance to tour Europe in rare style behind the wheel of a factory-fresh Porsche. What happens next is up to you. Contact your Porsche dealer for details. Porsche Tequipment Porsche Tequipment A meticulously engineered range of accessories for enhancing your car's performance or appearance, Porsche Tequipment is available through your Porsche dealer. Each item is designed for a perfect fit and won't affect your warranty.

Porsche Communication Management

A sophisticated entertainment and navigation system called Porsche Communication Management (PCM) is available as an option on both Boxster models. With PCM, many of the Boxster's advanced audio, navigation and timing features are seamlessly integrated, allowing you to concentrate on the rewards and responsibilities of driving.

Operating Your Porsche in other Countries

If you plan to take your Porsche outside the continental limits of the United States or Canada, there is the possibility that Porsche cannot be responsible for the mechanical damage that could result because of inadequate fuel, service or parts availability. If you purchased your Porsche abroad and want to bring it back home, be sure to find out about shipping and forwarding requirements, as well as current import and customs regulations.

Porsche 924 Turbo

1981 Porsche 924 Turbo Diagram

The following modifications have been made on the Porsche 924 Turbo for the new model year. A digital ignition liming control (DITC) has been developed for the Porsche 924 Turbo. Unlike previous mechanical ignition systems, control of the ignition timing is fully electronic with the DITC. With this system, it is possible to have optimum ignition timing for the special requirements of the engine in regards to power output, emission control and fuel consumption under all operating conditions.

Fluid And Lubricant Specifications

Porsche 911 Oil Plug Torque Spec

Engine oil viscosity (SAE grade) vs. operating temperature range shown for the Porsche engine covered in this manual. The fluids and lubricants specified by Porsche are listed in Table e. The use of fluids that do not meet Porsche's specifications may impair performance and reliability, and may void warranty coverage. Synthetic manual transmission fluid is not approved by the manufacturer, but its use may result in improved transmission performance and wear characteristics. Consult with an authorized Porsche Dealer for recommendations on synthetic transmission fluids.

Child Restraint Systems

Porsche recommends that all infants and children be restrained in child restraint systems at all times while the vehicle is in motion in accordance with applicable laws. Use only child restraint systems with the LATCH system recommended by Porsche. These systems have been tested and adjusted to the interior of your Porsche and the appropriate child age groups. Other systems have not been tested and could entail an increased risk of injury. LATCH compatible at your authorized Porsche f Please see your authorized Porsche dealer. - The airbag deactivation device installation requires special programming available only from your authorized Porsche dealer. - Your authorized Porsche dealer will be glad to advise you about the installation possibility for a Porsche child restraint system which allows deactivation of the passenger's airbags. The use of a child restraint system in the passenger seat without airbag deactivation can result in serious personal injury or death to the child from an...

Calibrating convertible top

Calibration of the Cabriolet convertible top and the convertible top compartment lid is carried out with the Porsche System Tester 2 diagnosis. The respective potentiometer values (convertible top and convertible top compartment lid) are established during calibration. If the potentiometer values are plausible, the values are

Correct disposal of airbag units

To avoid possible mlsues, the airbag units must first be rendered harmless by electrical ignition, making sure that all the relevant precautions are complied with In the case of airbag units incapable of igniting or if ignition cannot be carried out in safety, the airbag units must in all cases be returned to Porsche or to the relevant importer in their original spare part packs and by the usual transport channels.

Checking and assembly operations on the power steering system

* Porsche started to fill the brake systems with Pentosin CHF 11 S (green) in March 1996. ATF was used before then. Pentosin and ATF are miscible. This means that Pentosin can be used to top up the fluid level in 993 vehicles before the aforementioned introduction date. On vehicles with Pentosin filling, always fill or top up the brake system with Pentosin.

Synchronizer dog teeth

Synchronizer ( dog ) teeth are press fit on each gear. After-market tools and individually available components can be used to replace damaged gear teeth. Consult with the Porsche dealer parts department. (Porsche ordering 000 721 037 10) (Porsche ordering 000 721 260 10) (Porsche ordering 000 721 381 00)

Engine Management General

Iat Sensor

The Porsche 911 Carrera is equipped with a Bosch DME (Digital Motor Electronics or Motronic) engine management system. This section describes operation and troubleshooting of the DME system. Light carbon can usually be removed using a fuel additive. Specialized cleaning equipment is required to remove heavier carbon deposits. Check with an authorized Porsche dealer for information on carbon deposits and the best methods used to remove them. Always follow the manufacturer's directions when using fuel additives designed to remove carbon deposits and clean injectors. The excess amount of cleaner in the fuel can dilute engine oil and accelerate engine wear. Check with an authorized Porsche dealer before using fuel additives together with high detergent fuel. The idle mixture ( CO) is adaptive via the oxygen sensor feedback system. A CO correction screw is located in the air flow sensor, but is capped off by a non-reusable cap (arrow). If the idle mixture ( CO) is outside the allowable...

Engine Disassembly and Assembly

911 Engine Diassembles

(Porsche ordering 000 721 238 10) (Porsche ordering 000 721 201 00 20) (Porsche ordering 000 721 919 10) (Porsche ordering 000 721 212 00) (Porsche ordering 000 721 923 60) H P 221 Left connecting rods support during engine assembly (Porsche ordering 000 721 221 00) (Porsche ordering 000 721 222 00) K P 140 Nuts for securing cylinders during engine assembly (Porsche ordering 000 721 140 00) (Porsche ordering 000 721 207 00) Hold flywheel stationary with Porsche special tool P 238 (remove inner pin from tool) or equivalent locking device and loosen flywheel bolts (arrows). Remove flywheel. A 4-arm or 5-arm engine stand adapter (Porsche special tool P 201) should be used to mount the engine. 3-arm and generic engine stands are dangerous and may damage the engine block. Use Porsche special tool 9191 or equivalent to counterhold camshaft sprocket when loosening bolt. Remove camshaft sprocket lockpin using Porsche special tool P 212 or equivalent. Various head studs have been used on the...

Collapsible spare tire

* For V and ZR tires, amended standards and regulations require tire pressures which deviate from those given in the Driver's Manual. The new tire inflation pressures quoted above must now be used. Corresponding information stickers are available from every Official Porsche Center.

Disassembling And Assembling Synchronizers

Synchronizer Porsche

The 5-speed manual transmission is equipped with a revised version of the Porsche synchronizers in all forward gears. A special feature of this synchronizer is the omission of circlips for 1st through 3rd gears. 4th and 5th gears employ an improved sychronizer from the standard transmission type 915 (with circlips).

Corvette C6r Psi Ffsa Gt 2007 Decals

PORSCHE 911GT3 'GORDON' DECALS This decal sheet uses theTamiya Porsche 911GT3 as a base and replicates the car driven by Marc Duez on the 2006 Rally Ardenne Bleue.The colour scheme is mainly red with silver accents and the sheet includes the full chequer pattern that basically covers the whole car. DUCATI DESMOSEDICI GP3 D'ANTIN 2004 DECALS

Technical Bulletins

PORSCHE CARS NORTH AMERICA SERVICE INFORMATION PCNA Technical Bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians, not a Do-it-yourseifer. They are written to inform these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or to provide information that could assist in tie proper service of a vehicle. Speciai tools may be required to perform certain operations identified in these bulletins, use of tools and procedures other than those recommended in these bulletins may be detrimental to the safe operation of your venicie. Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety Instructions and know-how to do a job properly and safely. If a condition is described, do not assume that the bulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle will have that condition. See your Porsche Dealer for information on whether your' vehicle may benefit from the information. Part numbers listed in these bulletins are for reference only. Always check with yourauthorized...

Information you need to know

Hydraulic Clutch Reservoir 911 Porsche

As of 1987 model year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires passenger cars with a high theft rate to have the VIN marked on specific parts of the car when manufactured. On Porsche cars, these parts are identified by an adhesive label bearing the VIN and Porsche script. Replacement parts have a similar label, bearing the letters DOT-R. These labels should not be removed as they will tear apart or painted over. Porsche dealers are uniquely qualified to provide service for Porsche cars. Their authorized relationship with the large Porsche service organization means that they are constantly receiving new tools and equipment, together with the latest and most accurate repair information. The Porsche dealer's service technicians are highly trained and very capable. Unlike most independent repair shops, authorized Porsche dealers are intensely committed to supporting the Porsche product. They share the owner's interest in Porsche value, performance, and...

Charging system testing

A general test of charging system output can be made with an accurate digital voltmeter. Such a test is given below. The most accurate testing is done using an alternator and regulator tester that applies a high-current load to the alternator. Conclusive tests using this equipment can be made inexpensively by an authorized Porsche dealer or other qualified shop.

Checking brake disc minimum Notes

Due to the relative high abrasive action of perforated friction discs, the wear pattern of newly fitted brake pads will adapt itself relatively rapidly to the wear pattern of the used brake disc. After introduction of optimized perforation patterns, the service life of perforated Porsche discs as well as of brake pad materials is now almost equal to the service life of smooth discs.

Rear Blower Motor Replacement

Don't despair, this is an easier (and cheaper ) fix than you might think at first. Porsche has discontinued the original blower motor for the 964's and they have replaced it with the 993 version (993-624-328-01). This is the exact same fan and for the 115 you pay Pelican Parts for it you get the complete assembly - motor, housing everything ready to pop in and drive away. It is a statement about the precision of these cars that a small difference in the bushings keeps all of the other parts from lining up correctly OR you could say it is a sign that Porsche should do their homework on replacements a little better. They must have been sidetracked by the SUV

The longlive 901 engine

During the 3 and a half decades, the Type 901 engine faced challenges times to times from tightening emission noise regulations as well as the weight increment. The ask for cleaner emission and more flexibility (thus torque) without any trade-off in performance, cost and reliability guided the development of the engine. Porsche met the demand by increasing engine displacement times to times, plus some other latest development (some were learned from racing program), such as forged pistons, Nikasil treatment, turbocharging, intercooler, electronic fuel injection ignition, advanced engine management program, variable intake system, twin ignition, low back-pressure exhaust the 901 engine and its evolutions met the goals yet achieved considerable improvement in performance. The biggest difficulty faced by engineers was how to squeeze more capacity out of the unchanged dimensions. According to the original calculation - although Porsche had already built in considerable potential for...

ABS Brake System Antilock Brake System

The ABS system should, however, be examined at an authorized Porsche dealer immediately to prevent the occurrence of further faults. f If the ABS system becomes inoperative, take your vehicle to your authorized Porsche dealer immediately. f Use only tire makes and types tested by Porsche.

Machined Brass Upgrade Sets

Various items from Renaissance have hit the New Releases desk recently, here's a run down of what's new on the market. Ducati Desmosedici GP3 D'Antin 2004 (MTK12 005) Designed for the Heller kit of the Ducati Desmosedici (80912) this decal sheet replicates the livery run by the satellite D 'Antin team during the 2004 season.The nicely printed sheet includes decals for both Hodgson and Xaus' machines in both early and mid-season schemes. Konica-Minolta Tamada Honda RC211V '05Transkit (MTK12 006) An extensive transkit here for theTamiya Honda RC211V (14097). As well as the colourful decal sheet to replicate the blue and white livery, there is a full set of resin bodywork including mudguards and all panels to replicate the modifications to the '05 season bike. Honda RC211V 2005 Detail Set (MTK12 008) Just as with the Renaissance detail set for the Yamaha M1 that we showed you previously inTMMI, the RC211V set is an amazingly concise production. Giving you three photo-etched frets with a...

Function of individual components

The signal converter obtains the transponder code from the signals sent by the transponder, and then sends this code on to the alarm control module. With the help of Porsche System Tester 2 the transponder of a key which is inserted in the ignition can be adapted to one of the 4 memory locations for transponders. The first time the transponder is adapted, its Secret Key is programmed.

Function of individual components 1 Control module

When making repairs, bear in mind that the angle sensor bracket (B) must be in contact at the bottom when the bolts on the rear-axle support (A) are tightened (arrow). Once installed, the control module must be calibrated with the Porsche System Tester 2. Adjust the headlights

WwwWorkshop Manualscouk

If the code card is unavailable, the radio code can be read from the DME control module (under Vehicle data ). This code is also available from the Porsche IPAS. Input the PCM code. If the code card is unavailable, the PCM code can also be read from the DME control module (under Vehicle data ). This code is also available from the Porsche IPAS.

Camshafts and Camshaft Cases

Negative Camber Adjustment Porsche 911

(Porsche ordering 000 721 919 10) (Porsche ordering 000 721 212 00) (Porsche ordering 000 721 213 20) Use Porsche special tool 9191 or equivalent to counterhold camshaft sprocket when loosening bolt. Remove camshaft sprocket lockpin using Porsche special tool P 212 or equivalent. Use Porsche special tool 9191 or equivalent to counterhold camshaft sprocket when torquing bolt.

Tire and wheel overview tire specification character

When replacing summer tires, check for the correct tire specification character. The specification characters N 0, N 1, or N 2, respectively, help to distinguish summer tires approved by Porsche from other versions of identical tire type and the same tire size. The tires approved by Porsche are also identified in the corresponding Tl.

Twostage resonance intake manifold

Porsche engineers love a long, flat torque curve. To help them achieve that aim, the Boxster and Boxster S feature a large intake manifold and revised exhaust manifolds including high-performance headers on the Boxster S. The twin plenum chambers are connected via parallel pipes, one of which houses a valve. The engine management system uses this valve to alter the internal geometry and match this frequency to the current valve speed for improved cylinder charging. The results are higher torque at low rpm, a flatter torque curve and more power at high rpm. The system pleases Porsche engineers in another important way It's lighter than earlier models. And the induction sound it creates is rich and full the perfect counterpart to its exhaust note.

Early Handling Problems and Solutions

In its 34 years' history, Porsche progressively reduced the oversteer manner and eventually built mild understeer into the 911. The car became better controlled, easier to drive quickly but some found less fun than the earlier 911s. However, compare with 996, any 911s still had far more oversteer as well as the fun of challenge.

Manual gearbox with dualmass flywheel

Is there anything that feels as right as executing a gear change in a Porsche Boxster It's a feeling engineered in the Boxster to jump-start your pulse rate each time your right hand makes its move. gearbox that balances ratios to match the car's specific engine characteristics. As an alternative, the optional Sport package uses a high-performance, six-speed manual gearbox with the Porsche Active Suspension Management. The Boxster S comes standard with this revised six-speed unit.

Suspension Brakes and Steering General

Torsion Bar Suspension

The Porsche 911 Carrera suspension and steering systems are engineered to provide a compromise between taut, responsive handling and ride comfort. Although the front and rear suspension assemblies are independent subsystems, they work together to achieve Porsche's overall combination of handling and comfort.

Litre Carrera 2 4 from 1990

1990 Porsche 911 Head Gasket Update

A change was also made from solid gaskets to recessed rubber seals in some engine joints, which work well for many years and improve accessibility and strip down times. However they eventually need replacing. Although the cylinder head sealing system on the 3.2 Carrera was reasonably reliable, the additional bore size rendered the 964 prone to oil leaks through the cylinder head joint face. Porsche modified this design later with new revised cylinders and heads and a wills type-sealing ring - but for many the cost of these replacements is prohibitive. Also the cylinder base seals were vulnerable. All this combined

General Assembly Information On Tires And Tubes

Porsche 964 Oil Leaks

Original Porsche rims are identified by the Porsche part number in the wheel rim. Meaning of numbec 901.361. XXX. XX (rim without hump) or 911.361. XXX. XX (rim with double hump), where'by X digit for Diecast rims are not always sufficiently leak-proof because of the coarser grain structurej and consequently can only be used for tubeless tires when tested accordingly. Froml976 models on Porsche diecast rims are checked for leaks with a special fixture and therefore suitable for use with tubeless tires. To prevent excessive loads on rubber tire valve stems (tube or tubeless version) caused by position of valve stem bore, 7 and 8 Porsche rims must be fitted with a valve stem support, Part No.

System description

The fully automatic control system influences the temperature distribution between the upper and lower areas of the passenger compartment to suit the desires of the passengers in most cases. It is nevertheless possible to control this distribution manually by means of the corresponding push buttons. As in other Porsche cars, the air-conditioning system of the 911 Carrera (996) is equipped with a Defrost button, which ensures maximum window defrosting efficiency by suitable control of the heating and blowing power and air distribution. In the interest of simpler use,

Replacing brake fluid

Porsche recommends that the brake fluid be replaced at least once every two years. This is due to the fact that brake fluid readily absorbs moisture. Moisture in the brake fluid can adversely affect braking performance and may also damage the system, leading to costly repairs. Replace the brake fluid using one of the procedures described later to expel the old fluid. Remove the filter strainer from the brake fluid reservoir and clean it in new, unused brake fluid. Using new, unused brake fluid, pump at least 1 pint (500 cc) of brake fluid through each caliper to completely flush the system and expel the old fluid. Then refill the reservoir and bleed the brakes as described above. See 030 Maintenance for brake fluid specifications. Use only Porsche-recommended brake fluid.

General impressions of the cars

With rear seats (for under 12's) and practical rear luggage space, the car is ideally suitable as a first Porsche for those with small budgets. Being inexpensive, even quite poor cars will find buyers on the private market, which makes it increasingly difficult for reputable dealers to address all the preparation work for sale and have a competitive price. So most cars are bought privately or are in excellent condition, but are expensive with growing values. 924 Turbo (2 litre, 4 cyl, 8 valve). This car is very much the Jekyll and Hyde of the water-cooled Porsche range, capable of 145mph performance with a huge surge of power evident when the turbo charger cuts in, putting it in the weekend fun machine category rather than a practical all round sports car. The Mark1 version is prone to breather problems and smoking on acceleration. The Mk2 had digital ignition and more torque. Due to corrosion, they can prove very expensive to work on in exhaust manifold, turbo charger or waste gate...

Major Data at a Glance

Porsche model designation A 50.01 A 50.02 A 50.03 A safe diagnosis is only possible if you are familiar with the design and operation of the Tiptronic transmission. Read the Functional Description brochure carefully Porsche Tiptronic WKD 496 620. is able to read and evaluate Porsche wiring diagrams

Child seat bracket on the passengers seat

Use only child restraint systems with the LATCH system recommended by Porsche. These systems have been tested and adjusted to the interior of your Porsche and the appropriate child age groups. Other systems have not been tested and could entail an increased risk of injury. LATCH compatible at your authorized Porsche The LATCH attachment bracket is not installed at the factory. It can be retrofitted at your authorized Porsche dealer. f Please see your authorized Porsche dealer for correct Porsche Child Seat availability. f Porsche recommends the use of a Porsche Child Seat with Lower Anchorage and Tether for Children system (LATCH)

Switch convertible top compartment

The signal converter obtains the transponder code from the signals sent by the transponder, and then sends this code on to the alarm system control module. With the help of Porsche System Tester 2 the transponder of a key which is inserted in the ignition can be adapted to one of the 4 memory locations for transponders. The first time the transponder is adapted, its

Replacement Hartech Wishbone

These are some of the difficulties of buying a good car. A Used Porsche can combine the very best of owning and driving a Classic Sports car. Superb looks, low later-life depreciation (or eventual appreciation), modest maintenance costs and insurance, economy, pride and excitement of ownership etc. Many cover 200,000 to 250,000 miles successfully (and are capable of much more) still looking and driving superbly. Apart from regular servicing, and consumables, the cars tend to go for huge mileages and several years, needing little else and then, suddenly need a lot of expensive work, to return them to full reliability. As a result they can also break owners hearts and bank balances if their car is bought or looked after poorly, or simply at the wrong time, becoming unreliable or expensive to run and difficult to dispose of.

Hartech Prepurchase Checks and Sales Preparation

We advertise for good quality Porsche's Nationally from which cars are offered from private and trade sources. After asking a lot of pertinent questions, those of interest are put through a check with hpi (to check for damage, Police interest, outstanding HP, etc) and the mileage is checked with the National Mileage Register - both against all previous registration numbers. Just a short note of thanks for your professional and courteous manner. It is very reassuring to know that there are still genuine enthusiasts within the motor trade who regard customer services the way you do. We are absolutely delighted with our purchase and look forward to many happy years of Porsche ownership and business with Hartech . K L (Ashbourne). The B Service reproduces the work listed by Porsche for a typical 12000-mile service - applied with a thorough and time-consuming interpretation - and includes all materials. It can result in a detailed report of anything else found in need of attention (not...

Car Care Instructions

Your authorized Porsche dealer has specially developed car-care products from the Porsche program available either singly or as complete car-care sets. They will be pleased to help you select suitable products. Whether you use Porsche products or other commercially available cleaning agents first make sure of their correct application. A Porsche that is well-cared for can look like new for years. It all depends on the amount of care the owner is willing to give the car.

S2 30 litre 4 cyl 16 valve

When Porsche changed the styling of the 944S to mirror the 944 Turbo, used its brakes and increased the engine size to 3 litres (making the S2) - they transformed both the looks and performance. With similar power to the 220 bhp 944 Turbo, but no turbo lag, they provided a very torquey gutsy feeling engine that improved all round performance

Example of calliper plate lift

The wishbone ball joint on the more modern curved dash 944 & 968 cars, can also wear necessitating an expensive repair although we have more than halved this cost with our own successful replacement units fitted with new ball joints. These demonstrate the benefit of the size and quality of the Hartech operation that analysed the problem thoroughly and invested a different solution to any present alternatives on the market. Forced to look into the problem by the very inferior reconditioned wishbones that were on the market several years ago in which an attempt was made to re-machine the ball joint housings, Hartech decided that they needed greater accuracy and bought in brand new mass produced Porsche ball joints & fitted them into the wishbones - providing an arguably better solution than the original design.

Wheel alignment wheel balancing

Self-adhesive weights must not come into contact with cleaning agents, since they could drop off. Uneven tread wear indicates wheel imbalance. In this event, the vehicle should be checked at an authorized Porsche dealer. f If no cause for the fault can be found, drive carefully to the nearest authorized Porsche dealer.

Boxster An equation of excellence

Developing a sports car as successful as the first-generation Boxster into something even better is a delicate task. Yet it is precisely the kind of engineering exercise at which Porsche engineers excel. Perhaps it's a by-product of our being, from the very beginning, racers. No one thrived on the technical challenges of motorsports competition more than Professor Ferry Porsche, and under his guidance the Porsche philosophy was set in stone Evolve carefully, always seeking an equation of excellence. Driving pleasure Proof of this lies not in any specification list that kind of evidence can only be gathered firsthand. Your Porsche dealer can arrange for a thorough test drive. After all, excellence cannot truly be appreciated until you are part of the equation.

Introduction to the Range

The Porsche 924, 928, 944, 968, 911 (including the 964, 993 & 996) and the Boxster, represents excellent value for money. Since the first 911 over thirty years ago and the 924, over twenty years ago, the basic designs have proved successful, competitive, and long lasting. As a result good cars are always in demand, with nice older examples holding their value or appreciating at present - but becoming increasingly rare. They keep their looks, style, and general appearance inside and outside, maintaining exceptional performance and superb handling even after many years and thousands of miles, while preserving an unrivalled ability to turn heads and invoke desire in a way unique to the marque.

Standard Terms And Conditions Of Repair Service

Hartech are one of the few businesses specialising wholly in the supply and maintenance of older PORSCHE 911, 924, 944, 968, 993, 996 & Boxster cars. These can be superb, reliable cars - capable of good performance and long life - but there are dangers. e.g. many customer cars are in need of major repairs or in a very neglected state (especially where they have just been bought) resulting in new owners often inheriting a long list of problems needing urgent attention - which they may not be able to afford. Due to this and the age of most of the cars, it is not always easy to estimate the cost of repair in advance. Our policy is to provide a service for enthusiasts, modestly priced and enabling them to enjoy and afford Porsche motoring.

One singular sensation

The design concept that was shown at Detroit was a direct expression of the original mid-engine Porsche roadster, the legendary 550 Spyder. In the mid-1950s, the Porsche 550 practically rewrote the rules of high performance, becoming one of the most successful racing cars of its time. rewing engine midship gave the Porsche a nimbleness no sports car had ever possessed. The Spyder didn't have to outmuscle its competitors. It could outbrake, outmaneuver and outsmart them. A Porsche technology called VarioCam and a revised intake manifold are the keys Peak torque of 199 Ib.-ft. (Boxster) and 236 Ib.-ft. (Boxster S) is on tap from 4700 to 6000 rpm, giving you ample reserves of power. The power it lends both Boxster models is not lost in the execution. Thanks to a rigid chassis, every idea that Porsche engineers have conceived for the Boxster concept, from its sports suspension and axle kinematics to its wide track and streamlined aerodynamics, connects you more closely to the road...

Aluminum Look interior

Aluminum is a vital component of the Boxster. Used in both the engine and the suspension, where its weight-savings translates into increased responsiveness, aluminum is the perfect expression of the Porsche engineer's aim of simple efficiency. The Aluminum-Look interior option brings that 73

General Independent Traders

There are also several independent specialists that are not Porsche trained but provide an excellent service. In many cases the type of training or even self-learning that they undertook, actually benefits their approach towards running and developing a business facing new problems and models continuously - without factory support. Similarly their very independence often results in more willingness to find non-Porsche solutions to common problems that are often more cost effective at the lower end of the market. Unfortunately there are also a lot of very poor quality provisions as well, over which no control is currently exercised to investigate quality or to protect the public. This makes it very difficult for the public to decide which provision to use. We feel that some controls would benefit the public. It seems to us that IF it is a fact of life that some good independent organisations have a legitimate role to play in the Porsche market, then providing some guidance (or even...

Technical Highlight of the Original 911 1963

Butzi Porsche did not created a very handsome shape. However, it was undoubtedly a very unique design that everyone can easily recognise. Given the rear-engined layout, weight was inevitably biased towards the rear end - 40 60 distribution between front and rear wheels. Porsche claimed this could free up the steering weighting without the use of servo, thus avoided any artificial feeling. Had I known, at that time, that the unit could actually be stretched to 3.3 litres and still be completely reliable, even in racing form, I would almost certainly have decided that it was unnecessarily large and heavy, and would have asked the designers to scale it down', said Ferry Porsche, 'Now I am glad I didn't Gearbox Of course was Porsche's patented synchromesh unit, with 5 speed. Suspensions Disappointingly, Porsche placed luggage space in prior to suspensions, therefore it adopted space-saving MacPherson struts in the front, with the

Major New Investment Expansion In Progress

Here at Hartech we have a superb reputation for providing the very best services for the purchase and maintenance of older Porsche's. We are now in the process of creating - probably the most efficient facility for the independent Porsche market ever in the UK - enabling us to continue to combine the lowest overheads with the widest and most affordable customer orientated range of services available. How and why - please allow us a few paragraphs to explain. With Official Porsche centres selling and servicing new models, their need for appropriately smart workshops inevitably results in high overheads. While they often offer lower rates for work on older cars - there is no doubt that it is more often the independent sector of the Porsche specialist market that specifically tailor their operation to cater for the different needs of older cars. This is both somewhat inevitable and sensible - as the older a car becomes the more labour intensive any remedial work may be. The lower the...

Car Telephone and Aftermarket Alarms

Any portable telephone or radio transmitter which is used in a Porsche must be properly installed in accordance with the technical requirements of Porsche. If you should require equipment with transmission power values greater than 10 W, please consult your authorized Porsche dealer for this purpose. He is familiar with the technical requirements for installing devices of this kind. f Consult your authorized Porsche dealer about the installation of non Porsche approved equipment.

The Anomaly of the Full Service History Car the difficulties in finding a GOOD car that result

This longevity has been exploited by unscrupulous owners and dealers to clock cars and falsify service records, making it almost impossible for anyone other than an expert to judge the honesty of a particular car. The result is that many older Porsches are falsely described and overpriced. Even when a car HAS covered the mileage claimed and the SERVICE RECORD is TRUE there is still a hidden minefield to beware of. So many dealers, specialists and magazine articles - advise buying a Porsche with a Full Service History that they have attached a false sense of security to that position - which in turn makes it very easy to sell cars with FSH. Buyers assume the car is A1 if it has FSH when in fact the opposite is often true. If FSH doesn't guarantee a good car, there is no cheap or easy way to buy a good reliable Porsche and plenty of examples of buyers (private and trade) making these typical mistakes and regretting it. appropriate pages into the true book. Even when the service record...

Why parts costs are not included

Everyone would like a scheme that included the cost of parts as well, but not the premiums involved. This is why many warranty companies get very awkward about authorising repairs for old cars claiming that the fault must be due to wear and tear - high mileage or age which is never covered, so the cost of a scheme that did cover parts honourably, for a Porsche, would be much too expensive.

Disposal of airbag units

Airbag units are pyrotechnical components and may constitute an environmental hazard due to their explosive nature as well as due to the materials they contain. Airbag units that have not been ignited or complete vehicles with such airbags must therefore never be disposed of via the standard scrapping or other disposal procedures. The airbag units must first be rendered harmless by igniting them electrically observing all safety measures, to ensure that they cannot be used for non-authorized purposes. If the airbag units cannot be ignited or if no sufficient facilities exist for igniting them in a safe manner, return them to Porsche or to the respective importer in their original spare part transport container and by the same method

Survey of tires and wheelstire specification codes

When replacing summer tires the tire specification number must be observed. The specification codes NO, N1, and N2 distinguish summer tires specially approved by Porsche from other versions of the same tire type and tire size. The approved tires are also contained in the relevant Tl.

In the interest of clean air

Porsche has developed an emission control system that controls or reduces those parts of the emission that can be harmful to our environment. Your Porsche is equipped with such a system. Porsche warrants the Emission Control System in your new car under the terms and conditions set forth in the Warranty Booklet. You, as the owner of the vehicle, have the responsibility to provide regular maintenance service for the vehicle and to keep a record of all maintenance work performed. To facilitate record keeping, have the service performed by authorized Porsche dealers. They have Porsche trained technicians and special tools to provide fast and efficient service.

Customer Cars bought by them elsewhere

When we started many years ago, the public were largely unaware of the high proportion of dodgy cars being advertised by unscrupulous dealers and so we devoted most of our first buyer's guides to exposing corruption in our industry and the consequences for those seeking to own a used Porsche. We provided endless facts and figures to substantiate our claims about clocked and crashed cars, examples of the typical high costs of renovating cars bought by customers elsewhere (then between 1500 and 2000), pointed out what to look out for and - in contrast - provided proof of the extensive work done by ourselves during sales selection and preparation and the resulting success etc. Hartech and its Competitors. In the last few years several competitors have emerged with expensive advertising and competitive prices, but many of these have gone out of business while others have remained static. Often their advertising budget is 5 to 10 times as large as ours for a much smaller turnover - perhaps...

Cause serious personal injury or death

F Your Porsche is equipped with an electronic ignition system. When the ignition is on, high voltage is present in all wires connected with the ignition system therefore, exercise extreme caution when working on any part of the engine while the ignition is on or the engine is running. f Incomplete or improper servicing may cause problems in the operation of the car. If in doubt about any servicing, have it done by your authorized Porsche dealer. Improper maintenance during the warranty period may affect your Porsche warranty coverage.

Customer Commendations

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in repairing my Porsche. Throughout its time with you and the numerous problems encountered I found you to be professional and thorough. I will certainly recommend you to others and thank you once again M C (Bolton).

Wheels tires and alignment

Tires greatly influence the handling, stability and cornering performance of a Porsche. In order to gain the best possible performance from a Porsche all four wheels must be aligned correctly. If the torsion bars or torsion bar components have been replaced, the vehicle's corner weights (weight at each wheel) must be checked before an alignment is performed.

For your safety remember the following

- Wheel rims and wheel bolts are matched to fit your Porsche. - If you intend to use other than original equipment wheels, be sure that they conform to Porsche specifications for your model. Only tires with the same make and with the same specification code (e.g. N0 , N1 ) can be mounted. - Before you plan on exchanging wheels, or snow tires already mounted on the wheel rims, consult your authorized Porsche dealer. Your dealer has the technical information necessary to advise you which wheel rims and wheel bolts are compatible with the original factory installations.

Materials and recycling

All structural elements, switches and trim material in the Boxster are made from fully recyclable materials. Better still, it's likely your Boxster may never need recycling at all. After all, more than 60 of all Porsches ever produced since 1948 are still on the road today. This remarkable record of durability is fundamental to our environmental approach. Like every Porsche, both Boxster models are entirely free of CFCs and components manufactured using these chemicals. Instead, a range of highly resilient yet lightweight plastics and metals is used extensively in the Boxster's construction, with priority given to sustainable materials. The most important of these are galvanized sheet metal, recyclable synthetics and aluminum.

Four Wheel drive and Stability Control

The Boxster has the rear engine in front of the gearbox, so a 4-wheel drive version would be difficult to conceive. Instead Porsche have introduced a system that is becoming The sophistication of computers allows further adjustment of engine power etc to result in a fantastic system to stabilise the car. The Boxster uses this type of system called Porsche Stability Management . If (for example) the front wheels of the car drift on a bend - the rear wheel on the inside of the bend is braked. If the rear swings out -the front wheel on the outside is braked.

Risk of damage due to the cleaning jet of the highpressure cleaning equipment or hot wax treatment

F Only if there is heavy dirt, wet the convertible top with lukewarm water and the Porsche Wash-Shampoo & convertible-top cleaner, using a sponge or soft brush, and rub gently. Rinse Wash-Shampoo & convertible-top cleaner thoroughly off the convertible top with clean water. f After washing it, treat the convertible-top cover at least once a year with the special Porsche convertible-top care product. Do not allow the convertible-top care product to come into contact with paint or windows. If it does, remove immediately. f If there is leakage in the convertible-top cover or at its seams or folds, the special Porsche convertible-top care product can be used.

Standard Terms And Conditions Of Sale

Hartech are one of the few (if not the only) businesses specialising wholly in the supply and maintenance of the older PORSCHE 911, 924, 944, 968, 964, 993, 996 and Boxster. These can be superb, reliable cars - capable of good performance and long life - but there are dangers. e.g. Over half the cars we see for sale - elsewhere - are being sold to avoid the cost of a major repair or in a very poor state. We buy cars in good condition or with known faults that we usually rectify before offering for sale. However, where cars are seen before rectification and the buyer offers a lower price, intending to do the work himself, we may agree a HARTECH TRADE SALE AS SEEN with ALL IT'S FAULTS - present at the time of sale or not - without guarantee or warranty (see page 52 for details). Very few cars develop faults anyway and when they do we always try to satisfy our customers. Our policy is to provide a car for an enthusiast, reasonably priced, in good condition - reducing the risk to...

In the unlikely event of hydraulic failure of one brake circuit

F After bringing your vehicle to a complete stop, avoid driving the vehicle and instead have it towed to the nearest authorized Porsche dealer for repair. f Secure the floor mat to prevent it from sliding into positions that could interfere with the safe operation of your vehicle. Your Porsche dealer will be glad to offer you nonskid floor mats of the correct size. f Do not continue to operate the vehicle. Have your authorized Porsche dealer inspect or replace the brake pads.

Exhaust gases and emissions control

Our Weissach Development Center has spent several decades striving to ensure every Porsche is as environmentally friendly as it is exciting. On both Boxster models, a combination of four-valve cylinder heads and VarioCam variable-valve timing minimizes emissions at the source. A sophisticated exhaust system anchored by four catalytic converters scrubs harmful gases even further.

Nonreusable fasteners

Many fasteners used on the cars covered by this manual must be replaced with new ones once they are removed. These include but are not limited to bolts, nuts (self-locking, nylock, etc.), cotter pins, studs, roll pins, clips and washers. Genuine Porsche parts should be the only replacement parts used for this purpose. Some bolts are designed to stretch during assembly and are permanently altered rendering them unreliable once removed. These are known as torque-to-yield fasteners. Always replace fasteners where instructed to do so. Failure to replace these fasteners could cause vehicle damage and personal injury. See an authorized Porsche dealer for applications and ordering information.

Design born of a simple philosophy Life is fun

There is no shortage of intellectual exchange taking place at the Porsche design studios in Weissach, Germany. Every alternation proposed must be rationalized, held up to the ideal that form must follow function. Perhaps nothing exemplifies this edict more than a quick study of the Boxster's aerodynamics. At Porsche, it's not simply a matter of styling shapes that shear the least-resistant path through air. Wind is an important ally in our incessant effort to elevate performance. As well as an essential element of the Boxster's character. So where does this synergy of new thinking and original Porsche essence lead To improved braking and steering. Unflinching straight-line performance. A low 0.29 drag coefficient (Boxster) and a top track speed of 167 mph



Tamiya's latest large scale collectors' model is the astonishing Porsche Carrera GT and what an amazing model it is Got your cheque book ready page 32 i Tamiya's latest large scale collectors' model is the astonishing Porsche Carrera GT and what an amazing model it is Got your cheque book ready page 32 i

Leakdown test

The most conclusive diagnosis of low compression symptoms requires a leak-down test. Using a special tester and a supply of compressed air, each cylinder is pressurized. The rate at which the air leaks out of the cylinder, as well as where the air leaks out, can accurately pinpoint the magnitude and location of the leakage. Any engine compression diagnosis that will require major disassembly should first be confirmed by the more accurate leak-down test. Because the test requires special equipment and experience, it may be desirable to have it done by a Porsche dealer or other qualified repair shop.

Lifting the car

For repairs that require raising the car, the specified jacking points should be used to raise the car safely and avoid damage. There are two side jacking points to temporarily lift the vehicle for tire changing. The jack supplied with the car by Porsche can only be used at the vehicle side points. When using a floor jack or automotive lift, the four jacking point closer to the wheels should be used.

Comes To Shove

The iconic Porsche 911 had been around a long time before the Yuppies embraced it as the ultimate status symbol in the 1980s, but by the time they had finished with it, Porsche ownership in the minds of the motoring public would forever be associated with balding middle aged men hurtling towards a mid-life crisis with an Car enthusiasts however know better of course and can see past the car as a rich person's plaything, because the 911 was and still is one of the most capable sports coupes of all time, the Turbo being the ultimate expression of the design. Tamiya have a long tradition of creating high quality kits of classic Porsches, so the release of I have loved Porsches since I was old enough to distinguish one car from another, I think mainly because of their engine sound, but also because they just look so funky, and slightly odd in a cool way. I have wanted to build a classic pumped up turbo car Tamiya have a long tradition of creating high quality kits of classic Porsches, so...


It is possible to attain amazing finishes with the use of cutting compounds, professional sandpaper systems etc., and on many occasions I have extolled the virtues of multiple sanding and polishing operations, but this time I decided to go for the simplest, least time consuming method of getting a decent gloss finish on the Porsche's bodyshell. This involved the use of the excellent Mr Hobby aerosol products, chiefly Mr Surfacer 1200 and Mr The most complicated part of this model is the masking required to achieve a neat result with the black bodywork trim, extensive on the 1988 Porsche. Although it's fiddly, it is essential that this is carried out with precision as any ragged edges will be accentuated by the contrast with the gloss paintwork, and will look awful. I use Tamiya Masking Tape for most operations, and when it comes to the really tricky stuff, the ultra narrow Aizu Micron masking tape from Japan comes into its own. This amazing material is basically the same low-tack...


The instrument cluster of a Porsche is a design classic, reinterpreted in each successive sports car as Porsche designers seek to integrate new technologies with time-honored ergonomic edicts. Both Boxster models feature an intelligent, modern-day interpretation of the classic Porsche instrument cluster. The three-dial grouping forms an integral part of the redesigned interior. The dials themselves trimmed in black on the Boxster and light grey on the 68

Steering wheel

A Porsche steering wheel is where an intimate dialogue between car and driver takes place. The feel and functionality of the wheel are a matter of personal preference, a fact recognized in the Boxster. Three distinct steering wheels are offered, all based on a three-spoke design that houses a full-size airbag and is adjustable

Oil change

We recommend that you have the engine oil changed at your Porsche dealer, who has the required oils and the necessary filling equipment. Porsche engines have long intervals between oil changes. You can make best use of these long oil change intervals by using multigrade oils since these are largely independent of seasonal fluctuations in temperature.

Important Notice

PCNA Technical Bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians, not a Do-it-yourselfer. They are written to Inform these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or to provide information that could assist in the proper service of a vehicle. Special tools may be required to perform certain operations identified in these bulletins. Use of tools and procedures other than those recommended in these bulletins may be detrimental to the safe operation of your vehicle. Properly trained technicians have the equipment, toois, safety instructions and know-how to do a job properly and safely. If a condition is described, do not assume that the bulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle will have that condition. See your Porsche Dealer for information on whether your vehicle may benefit from the information. Part numbers listed in these bulletins are for reference only. Always check with your authorized Porsche dealer to verity correct part numbers. 1987...

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1984 Porsche 928 Owners Manual

Porsche Porsche Porsche 928 Takes On The Comp Speedvlsion POC This 30 minute video features the Porsche Owners Club Tribute to Le Mans 3 hour Enduro narrated by Tommy Kendall. It Includes some footage taken at our shop. There's even a few near camera shots from our 928 race car.

Country codes

RDW PORSCHE The Country code menu displays the coded version in the top left corner, e.g. RoW the center displays Porsche or Workshop, depending on where the system has been coded. The asterisk on the right is displayed for versions that include the interior lights in the alarm emission.