Central Electric Board Part No ends in

The central electric board has colored plug sockets A Z . The plug sockets have the same color as the matching wire harness plugs. Fuse positions have been changed slightly. Fuse 21 Fuse 17 Fuse 11 Fuse 10 Fuse 9 Window controls, door locks Fresh air blower Reset button, light switch light not occupied Air conditioner, mirror control, backup lights, rear window wiper Stop light, cruise control 8 amps. Fuse 4 Instrument and switch lights

Engine Suction Oil Pump Oil Drain Plug

The 928 cars have an improved suction system for the oil pump. The suction tube has a temperature-proof rubber funnel which guarantees perfect suction of oil out of the oil sump. The back of the funnel is designed to trap dirt and foreign particles. The tightening torque for the oil drain plug has been changed from 40 Nm 30 ft. lbs to 60 Nm 44 ft. lbs to prevent leaks. Two flexible plastic tubes are located between car's front end and the air cleaner to guide the cold air stream from the car's...

Power Flow Transaxle System Rear Axle Cross Member

The new, reinforced manual transmission has a rear transmission cover which is no longer mounted on the transmission case with studs and nuts, but with normal hexagon head bolts. Modifications were necessary on the input shaft because of moving the transmission forward. The new input shaft is longer see figure and can only be used in the new transmission G 28.05.