Cylinder Heads

The aluminium cylinder heads have 2 dowel pins each for location and 10 studs for mounting on the crankcase. The in line valves are operated by a single overhead camshaft per cylinder head via bucket iype hydraulic valve lifters.

Intake port size:

38 mm dia. at intake manifold flange 37 mm dia at insert

Exhaust port size:

32.5 mm dia. at insert 34 mm dia. at exhaust flange

Cylinder Head Gaskets

Left and right cylinder head gaskets are different. When installing make sure that "TOP/OBEN" faces up and the arrow faces in driving direction.

Cylinder head tightening specifications:

The cylinder heads must be tightened in 3 steps.

A) 1st step to 2.0 Mkp (14 ft/lbs) 2nd step to 5.0 Mkp (36 ft/lbs) 3rd step to 8.5 Mkp (61 ft/lbs)

3} Leave cylinder head under pressure of 3rd step tightness for at least 30 minutes.

C) After 30 minutes, loosen nuts by 1/4 turn and tighten to final torque of 8.0 Mkp (58 ft/lbs)

Cylinder heads do not have to be retightened later.

Camshaft Drive

A toothed belt drives both camshafts (3) including the distributor (5) as well as the water pump (4} and oil pump (6).

The toothed belt is tightened by means of a mechanical tensioner (2) with temperature compensation. The tensioner is filled with transmission oil.

1 , Crankshaft sprocket

2 Tensioner

3. Camshafts

4. Water pump

5. Distributor

6. Oil pump

Camshaft Housing and Camshafts

The camshafts run in a housing on 5 bearings, without bearing shells.

The sprockets (8) are sinter-forged. The distributor is driven off the left camshaft.

2 — Bearing carrier

4 — Distributor drive gear

8 — Camshaft sprocket

The front camshaft bearing (thrust bearing} is in the bearing carrier (2), which is bolted against the camshaft housing The camshaft is sealed with an O-ring (7) and a shaft seal (5). The bearing carrier is also sealed with an O-nng (1). An end cover (9) with a flat gasket is bolted on the rear end of the camshaft housing.

A flat gasket is located between the cylinder head and camshaft housing.

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