Synchronizer ring

The synchronizer ring is the main part of the Porsche synchronization. The ring is slotted and has a slightly oval shape when relaxed. This oval shape (approx. 1 mm) provides an exact fit to the shift sleeve during synchronization.

The inside surface with annular grooves is matched with the locking parts. The stressed outside surface has a molybdenum coat, which is only approximately 0.1 5 mm thick and very wear resistant. The frictional pairing of hardened steel against molybdenum assures constant frictional values on a cold or hot transmission as well as with all common transmission oi Is

The angle of taper li, important for the shifting forces, is 7° for the Porsche 928 transmission.

Three different synchronizer rings are installed to optimize the shifting force and service life of each gear.



I groove on face

For 1st gear

2 grooves on face

For 2nd and 3rd gear

No grooves on face

For 4th and 5th gear

Material: high-grade tempered steel

Material: high-grade tempered steel

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