Located in the slot of the synchronizer ring this locking part provides additional force on the synchronizer ring during gear engagement.

This locking effect can be increased or reduced depending on the design angle on the contact surfaces.

Material: case hardened steel

F) Locking Bands

Two different locking bands are employed for the 928 transmission.

1. A one piece locking band (F1 and F2) for the first and second gear.

2. Conventional two piece locking bands (F3), used for 3rd, 4th and 5th gears.

Special Shape for 1st Gear

The single piece locking band was designed with a special shape for the synchronization of 1st.gear. Two conditions must be met:

1. Engaging the gear when car is stationary. It must be possible to engage the gear noiselessly without exerting too much force. This is accomplished with the short part of the locking band.

2. Downshifting into 1st gear. Since synchronizing is especially difficult when downshifting, high shifting forces must be expected. The power assistance of the locking parts has been improved by the long side of the locking band, thus shifting forces are kept low.

Material: high tempered spring steel.

Ddwi id i rfti ng

Ddwi id i rfti ng

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