The standard equipment fog lights are built in to the bumper.

After removal of the trim plates, the lights can be adjusted.

The windshield and headlight washer system of the Porsche 928 has 3 pumps. One of the pumps is used exclusively for the supply of a special intensive cleaning agent ot the windshield so that any silicone or insects can be removed quickly without smearing.

This pump is operated by a push-button switch underneath the instrument cluster on the right side. The separate tank for the intensive cleaning agent is located in front of the radiator.

The normal windshield washers are activated by pulling (5) the 3-speed wiper switch toward the steering wheel. This lever must be pressed (6) toward the instrument panel to operate the headlight cleaners.

The wiper action is intermittent when pressing (4) the wiper control lever down. The wiper intermittent intervals can be set manually between approx. 4 and 20 seconds. The switch (potentiometer) is located underneath the instrument panel on the right side

The washer system for the headlights and windshield is described in separate wiring diagrams on the following pages.

Operation (Cleaning Headlights)

When the headlights are switched on, power goes from term. 56 of light switch (C) to the energizing circuits of relay (VI I) via term 56. If washer switch (E) is moved in direction of SW, term. S of relay (VII) receives power via term. SR-53a of switch (E) via fuse 6.

Relay VII switches over and washer pump (K) is operated via term. 30 and P, but limited in time by the energizing circuit.

Operation (Windshield washers)

If washer switch (E) is moved in direction of S, voltage is supplied via fuse 6 and term. 53a to term. 53c to (C3/03) to windshield washer pump (L), and the pump runs. Via term. T to S of relay (XX) this voltage reaches term. T of relay (XIX), which operates the wiper motor (F) via the electronic timer.

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