The Porsche radio CR Stereo Type RW is installed as standard equipment.

The electric antenna is installed in the left rear fender. The 4 speakers are mounted behind the perforation on the door inside panels and rear wheel well panels. The speakers are connected diagonally and can be controlled by a fader control (A), which is installed to the left of the driver's seat.

The height control (B) for the headlights is mounted behind it.


New is the releasing of the backrests by press button, on the left side for the driver's seat or the right side for the passenger's seat.

The padding has been redesigned to provide safe, tireless and relaxed driving.

The front seat back rests can be fully reclined.

A maximum of two 13 mm thick plates can be bolted underneath the seat rails to increase the height.

Electrically operated seats will be offered as optional equipment.

Seat Belts

The front seats are standard with three point and Ihe rear seats with two point inertia belts.

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