Test Point 17 Fuel Injectors

4 poor power output is reported (too low full load CO < 3 ), cross section size could be restricted by carbon on fuel injectors. or this test the ring line is lifted and the fuel injectors held in measuring glasses with help a new injector installed for comparison. Remove LH control unit plug. Remove plug W on CEB. Apply ground to terminal W12 and 12 V battery voltage to terminal W 1 3. Bridge terminals 30 and 87 on pump relay XX. Difference between all fuel injectors must not exceed 10 by...

Test Point 13 LH Hot Wire Air Mass Sensor V H

A) It is possible to check positive and ground activation on terminals 4 and 2 of a disconnected hot wire air sensor plug. Connect voltmeter on terminals 4 and 2 and bridge terminals 30 and 87 on relay XXV. Display battery voltage. An emergency running system is programmed in the LH control unit, which cuts in if the hot wire air mass sensor fails. This makes it possible for the customer to drive the car to the next authorized workshop. Testing is only possible by exchanging the intake air...

Test Point 12 Power Supply for LH Control Unit Fuel Pump V

Connect voltmeter on terminals 9 and 5 of disconnected LH control unit plug, jrn on ignition. Connect W 21 (CEB) to ground with a jumper wire. Display battery voltage Connect voltmeter on connected plug W 23 (CEB) and ground. Display battery voltage Br dge terminals 30 and 87 on socket of relay XXV (LH-Jetronic). Display battery voltage at connected plug W 23 (CEB) and ground. Check relay and activation.

Ignition System Components

LH-Control unit Bosch No. 0 280 002 50 EZF-Control unit Bosch No. 0 227 400 013 Ignition coils Bosch No. 0 221 118 322 Ignition trigger box Bosch No. 0 227 100 124 Engine in perfect mechanical condition. Throttle switch - idle Throttle switch full thr. Ign. high volt. - shield. Octane loop Temp, sensor II Throttle switch idle Note Go through test points in given sequence. Test point 1 is especially important Check whether you are testing with the correct tester setting on the correct measuring...

New Designations For Ignition Systems

Introduction of new ignition systems makes it necessary to revise all designations, - e following designations will be used effective immediately in Bosch technical and sales T'ansis tori zed Coil Ignition switchgear in conventional design Transistorized Ignition switchgear in hybrid design Electronic Ignition without or with knock control electronic switchgear or control unit mechanical distributor high voltage distributor Fully Electronic Ignition without or with knock control electronic...

Test Point 2 EZF Control Unit Power Supply V

A Connect voltmeter on terminals 25 and 12 of disconnected EZF control unit plug. Turn on ignition. Display battery voltage. b Connect voltmeter on connected plug W14 CEB and ground. Turn on ignition. Display battery voltage. c Bridge relay XVI 30 and 87 and connect voltmeter as in a . d Connect voltmeter on connected plug U11 CEB and ground.

Test Point 7 Throttle Switch Idle Contact S2

Pull off both EZF and LH control unit plugs Connect ohmmeter on terminal 4 of disconnected EZF-control unit plug and ground. Throttle closed 0 ohm display max. 10 2 Idle contact must open immediately lt 1 throttle gap . Note Opening the idle contact advances ignition timing by approx. 10 , Defective Idle Switch Ignition timing at idle speed approx. 20 BTDC . No coasting shutoff, fast idle speed. Throttle switch plug disconnected, looking at plug terminals.