Ignition System Components

LH-Control unit Bosch No. 0 280 002 50 EZF-Control unit Bosch No. 0 227 400 013 Ignition coils Bosch No. 0 221 118 322 Ignition trigger box Bosch No. 0 227 100 124 Engine in perfect mechanical condition. Throttle switch - idle Throttle switch full thr. Ign. high volt. - shield. Octane loop Temp, sensor II Throttle switch idle Note Go through test points in given sequence. Test point 1 is especially important Check whether you are testing with the correct tester setting on the correct measuring...

Test Point 2 EZF Control Unit Power Supply V

A Connect voltmeter on terminals 25 and 12 of disconnected EZF control unit plug. Turn on ignition. Display battery voltage. b Connect voltmeter on connected plug W14 CEB and ground. Turn on ignition. Display battery voltage. c Bridge relay XVI 30 and 87 and connect voltmeter as in a . d Connect voltmeter on connected plug U11 CEB and ground.

Test Point 7 Throttle Switch Idle Contact S2

Pull off both EZF and LH control unit plugs Connect ohmmeter on terminal 4 of disconnected EZF-control unit plug and ground. Throttle closed 0 ohm display max. 10 2 Idle contact must open immediately lt 1 throttle gap . Note Opening the idle contact advances ignition timing by approx. 10 , Defective Idle Switch Ignition timing at idle speed approx. 20 BTDC . No coasting shutoff, fast idle speed. Throttle switch plug disconnected, looking at plug terminals.