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This Workshop Manual describes all of the important operations whose proper completion requires special instructions. This manual is essential for shop foremen and mechanics, as the information contained is essential for the maintenance of vehicles in safe operating condition. The basic rules of safety in vehicle repair naturally also apply throughout.

Only maintenance procedures differing from those for the vehicle type 944 are described in the Workshop Manual 944 turbo. All other information can be found in the Workshop Manuals 944 and 924.

The information in this manual is organized in repair groups according to work position numbering. The two-digit numbers of the repair groups correspond to the first digits of the work position numbers.

A repair group table and an index of key words assist in locating information.

Exploded views are numbered in order of disassembly, and where necessary are supplemented by instructions on assembly or installation and the use of special tools.

Descriptions of design arid function can be found in the service training course reference material.

The contents of this Workshop Manual will from time to time be supplemented with Technical and Quality Information Bulletins. These information Bulletins are compiled in the Technical Handbook.

Printed in Germany


Engine / Crar.kcase 10

Engine / Crankcase, Pistons 13

Engine / Cylinder Head, Valve Drive 15

Engine / Lubrication 17

Engine / Cooling 19

ENGINE Fuel Supply 20

Turbocharger 21

L-Jetronic Fuel Injection 24

Exhaust System 26

Starter, Power Supply, Cruise Control 27

Ignition System 28

Clutch / Operation 30

Manual Transmission / Operation, Housing 34

TRANSMISSION Manual Transmission / Gears, Shafts 35

Differential / Transaxle System 39

Front Wheel Suspension 40

Rear Wheel Suspension, Axle, Shaft 42

Wheels, Tires, Alignment 44

Anti-Blocking System 45

CHASSIS Brakes / Mechanics 46

Brakes / Hydraulics 47

Steering 48

Body - Front Section 50

Body - Center Section 51

Body - Rear Section 53

Engine Hood, Trunk Lid 55

Doors 57

Hardtop 61

BODY Bumpers 63

Windows, Window Controls 64

Exterior Equipment 66

Interior Equipment 68

Seats 72

Seat Upholstery 74

HEATING, Heating 80

VENTILATION, Ventilation 85

AIR CONDITIONING Air Conditioner 87

Instruments, Consumption Gauge, Alarm System 90

Radio 91

ELECTRICAL Washer and Wiper System 92

COMPONENTS Exterior Lights, Lamps, Switches 94

Interior Lights 96

Wiring 97


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