'""re chain» may be mounted only on the rear wheels.

ateerarice for tire chains only with 205/55 Rl6TorHM + S tires.

Spacers- lor Wider Rear Track

■ ~ ^irn thick spacers for a wider rear track are omitted in 1990 models.

~ t-s s partial compensation for the narrower track width by the changed offset of the 9 inch rims -asr track width of 1989 model 928 GT = 1,565 mm) "■asr track width of 1990 model 928 GT = 1,546 mm)

BODY - Equipment

5 body

^.r s distributed to the windshield through a ingle-piece defroster mask, which is inserted r she dashboard.

2*?s now have a clock with analog display rstead of the former digital clock (clock


:.='5 are standard with 3-point automatic reel sea£ belts for the rear seats. The rear anchorage point is located on the rear lid frame sOov<e the rear side window.



Jm mm

68/1 sa

Body Colors for 1990 Models Standard Colors

Designation Color Number Internal Color Code guards red 80K G1

black 700 A1

linen grey 60M E2

apricot beige 548 E4

murano green 22C N6

grand prix white 908 P5

dark blue 347 K5

Special Colors forest green metallic 22E W7

cognac brown metallic 40L Z7

marine blue metallic 35V F7

stone grey metallic 693 U8

baltic blue metallic 37B C7

slate grey metallic 22D Q9

velvet red metallic 81L U6

diamond blue metallic 697 F5

linen grey metallic 550 W5

silver metallic 980 S7


Airbag System

Al oars for the USA and Canada are standard with an airbag system (SRS) for the driver and front seat passenger beginning with 1990 models.

-■unction of the airbag system is described in the Airbag Brochure, WKD 493 6xx (1987), for the 944 -odel series. This description of function is comprehensively applicable to the airbag system introduced for 1990 model 928 S4 / 928 GT cars.

deviating modifications specific for these models are described in this model information brochure.

"he Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) consists of an airbag control unit, two crash sensors, an airbag unit in the steering wheel, contact unit and front passenger's airbag unit.

Airbag Control Unit

The airbag control unit is mounted with shear-off nuts on the front center tunnel section below the center console. Special Tool 9259 is required to unscrew the shear-off nuts.

Note: Never make ground connections lor other additional electric equipment on the airbag control unit.



ORANGE - Standard

GREEN (BLUE) - Service sector replacement

BLACK - For cars without airbag system (Rest of World).

Holding only for the car end of the plug.

An adapter plug is connected on the car end of the plug.


The control unit for cruise control, which had been located here, is now mounted behind the left driver's footrest in all cars (including Rest of World models).

(In RHD cars the control unit for cruise control is still located underneath the center console.)

Airbag system is diagnosable. Fault memory of the airbag control unit can be read via the 19 pin diagnosis plug of the car with help of a 9268 Flashing Code Tester or Porsche 9288 System Tester.


Power Is supplied to the airbag system via a 6-pln plug close to the control unit. This plug is mounted on a holder in the center console on the right-hand side with a retainer (lead seal). (This lead seal retainer is not shown in the picture.)

Disconnection of the 6-pin plug is possible only after destruction of the lead seal retainer. Different colored lead seal retainers are used to recognize whether a plug had been disconnected.

Warning Lamp

"-Te airbag warning lamp in the instrument duster must light up for about 5 seconds after rjrrang on the ignition and go out afterwards. Afth a fault in the airbag system this warning amp will not go out or lights up while driving ihe car.

IWs also appears in the display:


3-oth airbag crash sensors are identical with the crash sensors used in 944 model series cars. Crash sensors are located in the driver and front passenger footwells at the top on the left and right wheel house walls and mounted with two shear-off nuts and two normal nuts. Special Tool 9259 has to be applied to unscrew the shear-off nuts.

Glove Box

Glove Box


Seat Belts

The seat belt is sewn (tear seam) into a loop in the area of the bottom belt anchorage point. A plastic cover (belt protector) is pushed over this loop and sewn additionally.

The belt strap has a white color mark (crossbar) which is hidden by the belt protector. The seat belt must be replaced if, for example, this crossbar mark is visible after an accident.

1 - Belt strap

2 - Anchorage bolt

4 - Plastic cover

5 - Color mark

JUrbag Unit

~--3 artag unit (gas generator, airbag) is located in the steering wheel for the driver's side and id a cover above the glove box for the front passenger's side. When the airbag is activated the : :. er of the dashboard is folded up out of the way. The cover is fitted in the dashboard opening and irnflabte from Parts for replacements. y





Airbag Unit

The airbag unit is held in the steering wheel by self-locking screws, which must always be replaced after removal and installation of the airbag unit.

Tightening torque = 9.7 Nm.

Electric connections for the driver's airbag unit are made via a contact unit between the steering wheel and steering column switch, or steering column, as in 944 cars. Lead seal (1) of the contact unit must be removed only after installation of the steering column switch on the steering column.

Conform with information on the labels when installing the contact unit.

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